Endzone A World Apart Traders & Raiders Guide For Achievements

Guide to tell you about the 10 different characters in the game that you have to interact with to complete achievements


Through the Trading Post, trades with characters from distant settlements can now be conducted. Once the Trading Post is established, new traders will appear in the settlement at regular intervals. You can see which trader it will be and when they will arrive in the settlement in the trade window.

5 different and unique traders with their own personality and a unique hot air balloon. Every trader has unique traits, is interested in different goods and will also offer you a distinctive set of goods. They also remember your trading history and will react to the fairness of the deals you made with them. Making fair and good deals might result in new seeds or even technology points for research.

Endzone A World Apart Traders & Raiders Guide For Achievements
  • Rusty Rolph
  • Susan Melfi
  • Ole Sørensen
  • Old T. Bara
  • Lizzy Rasmus
Endzone A World Apart Traders & Raiders Guide For Achievements

Balloons in the shown order:

  • Old T. Bara
  • Lizzy Rasmus
  • Susan Melfi
  • Ole Sørensen
  • Rusty Rolph

Each merchant builds a relationship with your settlement based on the fairness of the completed trades and also has its own specialization. How fair a trade is is also shown in the window and can be varied by adjusting the individual goods. The better the relationship with a trader, the more likely he is to bring rare goods and the better the offers. In addition to common resources, seeds and research points can also be traded. The trading options will of course be expanded in future updates.

Once a trade has been completed, logisticians must take the required goods to the trading post. If all goods are available, the trade is carried out, the balloon flies out of the trading post and leaves the settlement. A new research area also unlocks the possibility for the player to decide manually and freely which trader should appear next.


Raiders now roam the forests in the world of Endzone, looking for suitable settlements to raid and steal from. Be on the lookout and prepare well!

There are now 5 different tribes of raiders in the game and they start spawning in the mid game, around season 30. Every raider tribe has its own leader and motivation which will visit your settlement at different intervals depending on your session settings and ask for a tribute. If you don’t want to give in to this, or have too few resources available, only combat will help. How high the demands are depends on your progress and the tribe that is in conflict with you. The more prosperous your settlement is and the more settlers there are, the more devastating the raids will be. Each tribe has its own motivations and goals for raiding, so you better not let them get too close to your settlement!

Endzone A World Apart Traders & Raiders Guide For Achievements
  • Lynn the Queen
  • The Unshakable Ago
  • The Nihilists
  • Liam The Prophet
  • Mike the Mega-Devourer

Raiders announce themselves just before an attack and are spawned at any point on the edge of the map. From there they make their way to your settlement. During the raid, the mob decides for itself where in the settlement it can hit you the hardest. Are your water reserves well stocked? Then you better fear for your food! Also, looters destroy the buildings near which they come. The deeper the mob can get into your settlement, the more severe the destruction will be.

Raiders can be fought off in three different ways.

  • You can either pay the required tribute and avoid the attack in advance,
  • or you can defend yourself. You can try to bring the health bar of the pack or its morale to 0. For both purposes, new buildings have been added to the research tree, which you can construct for defensive purposes.

Defensive Measures

Watchtowers, Siren Towers and Barricades must first be researched. So go on expeditions in time to find the necessary technology before it comes to the attack and you are completely defenseless. Defensive Measures can be researched to unlock the mining of Sulfur in the mine. With Sulfur you’ll produce both Metal bullets and Rubber bullets. Ammunition can only be made in the Ammunition Factory.

The following recipes are available there:

  • Metal bullet: 1 coal, 1 sulfur, 1 metal = 5 units
  • Rubber bullet: 1 coal, 1 sulfur, 1 plastic = 5 units

Both types of ammunition can be used by Militias in Watchtowers to shoot at the raiders.

  • Metal bullets decrease the life meter of the mob,
  • rubber bullets decrease its morale.

The type of ammunition you want to use to repel the raiders can be set individually in each tower.

Siren Towers are not occupied by settlers, but only require a connection to a power grid. As soon as the raiders enter the siren’s radius of action, their morale is lowered. So always make sure that a Siren Tower has power even at night. Wind turbines that are exclusively available for the tower are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Barricades can also be erected to reduce the attackers’ movement speed. If these are well placed, you can delay the advance into the center of the settlement and give your militia the opportunity to defeat the mob before it arrives. In the best case scenario, the raider won’t even proceed far enough to damage any buildings.

As soon as the health bar or morale of the raiders drops to 0, they will take flight and head back to the edge of the map. After leaving the map, you will get an overview of the last attack. It shows how many buildings were damaged and how many resources were stolen from the settlement.

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