Encased Unkillable Pacifist

A build for passing by a pacifist – without killing anyone (regardless of whether it is a loner or with companions) and a buildup of defense so that no one can kill him by level 12-13. The motto of the passage: “Forever young, forever drunk.”

Character Creation

A build for passing by a pacifist – without killing anyone (regardless of whether it is a loner or with companions) and a buildup of defense so that no one can kill him by level 12-13. The motto of the passage: “Forever young, forever drunk.”

The pacifist doesn’t need to be strong; the pacifist needs to be smart.

This means the path to the white wing:

+1 intelligence

+10 high-tech weapons (not particularly needed)

+ 15 medicine

+ 15 science

+ 25 biochemical protection.

The advantage is good biochemical protection, which is a very useful thing for a start, and of course the mind.

The initial characteristics of a nerd:

Strength – 1

Attention – 10

Body – 10

Charisma – 9

Mind – 9

Dexterity – 4

Fortune – 1

Psycho – 1





Trait – spirituality: all damage minus 40%, all protection +20

We do not need to hit hard and kill someone, we are pacifists.

Walkthrough and detailed buildup

We arrive at the Commonwealth and run to get clothes and further on quests.

Upon arrival, we have the initial abilities:

piloting 11

medicine 34

technology 11

science 26

crime 35

influence 48

survival 50

We do not pay attention to weapon skills.

From the weapon Margarita Tkachenko has from the energy one, I recommend giving up and taking a hand-to-hand fight, or a club, then we will get 8 energons, which will be very useful.

The fight with holograms is not worth going through, you can screw up the pacifist.

On communication and scanning, we quickly get the 2nd level.

We upgrade:

technique up to 15

science up to 30

influence up to 50

survival up to 60

We steal, pick locks, sort out what we can, raise money for money, do quests, as a result, level 3. It is advisable to steal 2 level 2 sharpeners.

Take the nerd perk (45 tech and 45 science). Now we are smart guys.

All skill points in crime are up to 55. We

continue to carry out everything in the same spirit. We reach level 4 by playing with bolts.

We invest points: science 80, crime 60, influence 60.

We buy (or steal) clothes with maximum bonuses for biochemical protection.

Everything, you can leave the Commonwealth.

We complete quests at the Picnic. We don’t touch rats, necroid and bandits. Leaving everyone we rob. It is especially worth bringing a timer bomb with you.

After communicating with the bandits, you should get 5 level. We bring technology to 70, and science to 90.

After completing all the chores, we go to Nashville.

Along the way, we collect a relic, whom we can rob, disassemble unnecessary and as a result we get level 6 for opening doors, exploring new places, etc.

We take the “optimizer” perk (+25 carried weight, +40 devices).

We bring the technique to 90.

On the way out of the Nashville caves we get to the Observation deck already with the 7th level.

We pump equipment up to 100, and crime up to 70.

On the observation deck we read the book +15 devices.

Now we can clear mines, plant bombs, and cut down objectionable sprays and a taser.

We go to the Slums of the suburb. We are not taking Katarzhina as a satellite yet.

We ransack everything around, we take everything that is not nailed to ourselves.

In the suburbs, we blow up a pile and pull out a relict spiral of +18 psi protection from under it (it is possible that different relics are generated in different passages, but I lost a spiral.)

As a result, in the suburbs, our biochemical defense is already 106 (basic 45, +20 laboratory jacket ” Albatross M73 “, +20 field trousers” Linnaeus “, +3 boots” Mariner “, +3 engineering cap, +10 respirator” Delver K1 “).

Neither cockroaches nor the Fox are afraid anymore. You can frolic in the arena, just stand and watch how the Fox will self-saw.

In the slums of the suburbs, we read books +15 psionics and hand-to-hand.

In the course of running around, exploring and hacking, we get 8 and 9 levels.

On the 8th technique we accelerate to 120, on the 9th – the crime to 90.

We take the perk – the mysterious patronage (-1 levels to the perk).

Now we can go to Katarzhina – we subtly hint to her that she will give everything she has for help. We undress and try on her clothes for one thing.

We take Katarzhina to Magellan. We talk kindly with the elevator operator, we steal the relic.

At the entrance to Magellan, it is better to register by hacking the terminal.

We shake Katarzhina to the fullest, and in addition to money we get an excellent relic: warm node +100 cryoprotection – 2 all APs. Now we are not afraid of freezers with cryonecroids.

Arriving on Magellan, we swing through quests and survey of all floors.

Do not forget to read books +15 crime, hi-tech and light weapons.

While we run through the floors, we easily get 10, and then 11 level.

On the 10th survival to 80 we pump it up.

On the 11th, we finally go into combat – we pump as much as 10 points into hand-to-hand combat, now we are cool karate fighters – we get our main weapon “karate kick”. The remaining 10 points are in survival.

We take the drinker perk (defense +8 with light intoxication, +16 with strong).

Now alcohol is our everything! We buy it up and steal it.

From level 10, good gear begins to come across – we buy if we come across things from the equipment section. Everything is quite simple and is often on sale.

After level 11, you can go to the big world under the Dome to solve the assigned tasks in the story.

At the 12th level, we invest 15 points in crime, we leave 5 in reserve.

In principle, at level 12, when drinking alcohol, all the defenses are already 100 and higher, i.e. we become unkillable. We neutralize the negative effects during fights with food and medicines.

We visit the Picnic on assignment, deal with cockroaches, read the book +15 survival in the swamp.

We wander around the world. If you haven’t bought the necessary equipment before, we buy it from the merchants we meet.

At level 13, we throw 15 points into survival up to 120, and leave 10 skills free, at level 14 we will have 30 points that we send wherever we want, up to 150 can be pumped into either crime (+1 dexterity) or technology (+1 perk ), or survival (+1 body). It is preferable all the same in the crime.

The perk obtained at the 13th level is directed to “sound sleep” (after resting in bed for 24 hours, all defenses are at +10).

Now we are not killable in principle, and we can spit in the face of the enemies we meet with a sleep spray and beat them in the face with a karate blow. The main thing is not to hurt anyone inadvertently.

at level 13 we have protection: protection

class 22

mech protection 114

energy protection 110


protection 130 thermal protection 112

cryoprotection 110

psi protection 112.

And everything that does not kill us makes us stronger, and since nothing can kill us, then all the blows heal us … (dissection does not count)

Where to distribute skill points in the future and what perks to take is not at all important, but whatever you like. The main thing is that there should always be zeros in the statistics of battles – then we are pacifists.


3 lvl – nerd (45 technology and 45 science)

6 lv – optimizer (+25 carried load, +40 devices)

9 lv – mysterious patronage (-1 levels to the perk)

11 lv – drinker (defense +8 in case of slight intoxication, + 16 with strong)

13 ur – sound sleep (after resting in bed for 24 hours, all defenses are +10)

further to taste


Helmet “Colossus” (costs 1200 combond, protection class +8, mech protection. +7, thermal protection +5, cryoprotection +5, authority +3)

Hiking suit “Leader” (costs 1800 combond, evasion -10, mech protection +25, energy protection +20, biochemical protection +25, thermal protection +20, cryoprotection +20, health +15)

Pants “Rear-admiral” (costs 550 combond, protection class +3, mech. Protection +15, energy protection +10, biochemical protection +10, thermal protection +10, cryoprotection +10, stored

AP +1) Engineering boots “Gemeostasis-2” (costs 625 combodes, movement speed +0.3, energy protection +3, thermal protection +5, cryoprotection +3)

Protective mask (costs 175 kombond but is in the course of the passage, energy protection +5, biochemical protection +3)

Gloves are dressed according to the situation.

The best in protection are sold by clerics:

“Retribution” handles (cost 800 combond, devices +15, energy protection +5, thermal protection +5, cryoprotection +5, psi protection +7)

Relic spiral +18 psi protection.

Take as needed to raise protection


antiseptic: +15 biochemical

protection ARAD-3: +45 energy protection, +15 biochemical protection

Food and drink: Energy

charge +2 initiatives +1 stored

AP Nourishing food +1 body

Fatty food +1 strength

Healthy food +1 agility +20

hot regeneration food +1 initiative +5 cryoprotection

disgusting food -2 mind +1 psycho +5 psi-defense

happy cookie +2 fortunes +15 persistence of

“crustacean” candy +3 initiatives

spicy food -2 charisma +5 biochemical protection

food smell -2 charisma +10 Determination

Meager Food +2 Attention -15 Learning

Salty Food +10 Cryoprotection

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Encased Unkillable Pacifist that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank bekxam. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.