Encased Achievement Guide

This guide was made originally for the Early Access version, but now UPDATED to the whole version of the game. Guide include dog tag locations with screenshoots, detailed info about every achievement, Map of the game.

Waltkhrough related achievements

Dont kill anyone…

Encased Achievement Guide


Complete the game without killing anyone.

  • There is a Battle Triumph statistics in the data section of the character panel. Your kills should be zero!
  • If you do the battle training in Concord, then you will have 3 human kills, no matter if those were just holograms, so don’t do it.
  • There are some main quest where you need to deal with enemies, making combat unavoidable. This not means essentially, that you need to kill them. First time you will encounter this is the quest “Parasite” at the location of “Picnic Neutral Zone”. Knocking them out by increasing their Fatigue is the way in these cases. For example a shotgun, skill lvl 60 on light weapons and the Beanbag Shot abillity is one example to solve this.

As you not allowed to kill anyone at ALL, not even by companions, so this might be a good walkthrough to go for the following achievement too:

Encased Achievement Guide

Lone wolf

Complete the game without recruiting any companions.

Please be aware, that there are few escort quests in the game, and if you do that, then this achievement wont unlock. You might want to take the Loner perk, which not allow you to have a companion, but then you could need another full walkthrough for the Mastermind achievement.

  • At the Abandoned Film Set don’t go close to Cheerful Jack or be in stealth. If he will see you there will be an event about a combat against hyenas and during the combat you will control Jack too. This could? ruin Lone Wolf achievement.
  • Loner Perk still wont protect you from escort quests. There is one at junktown entrance, or you could escort Sherlock out of the Maze of Death during the main quest.

…but your companion allowed to kill someone!

Encased Achievement Guide


Complete the game without killing anyone, except by the hands of the companions.

You might think this could be unlocked together with Pacifist. Unfortunately, that is not true, as this ask for kills, but only by the hands of your companion. It is a good idea to do a save at the endgame, finish it for Pacifist and Lone Wolf, then backtrack to a companion and make him/her to do a kill and then finish the game again.

Be stupid…

Encased Achievement Guide

Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Beat the game with a character with low intelligence.

Intelligence reffers to the Brain stats. Keep it on 1 and don’t increase it accidently, by selecting a perk which would increase that statistic.

Point of no return and Faction ruination

Point of No return

After you finished Act 2, you need to go to the ruins of concord. You could still backtrack from there until you use the broken pod. This pod is one of the landing pod you arrived with to the Dome at the very beginning of the game.

Reputation killing

Encased Achievement Guide

Persona Non Grata

Completely spoil relations with at least one faction.

Encased Achievement Guide


Completely spoil relations with all factions.

These not related to Wings, factions are:






Carmine Heights

You need to decrease the reputation with a faction to -100. You could think, that this is easy. It is not.

I cleaned up the location of the Church, killed everyone, got only to -68, you dont get minus reputation for kills. If guards arrives you can resist the arrest, but that is only -4. Leaders provides -25/-50, depends on faction. That is actually could be enough, as at the epilogue you could kill other leaders, not essentially present at their camp, like Abbot for additional -50.

I still not tried, but the top leaders leaving to Concord desert once it becomes available, after the Act-2, so cleaning up the settlements without their presence at that time, then clean up the epilogue too might be enough, but i can’t execute tries on this in the next few days.

If anyone know a good way to kill reputation easily, please comment about it, i still don’t have the Persona Non Grata achievement either:-)

Storyline achievements

Encased Achievement Guide

It’s Just the Beginning

Leave Concord.

Encased Achievement Guide

Taming the Element

Help Russo in the “Emulator” project. Complete Act I.

Encased Achievement Guide


Activate all Maelstrom beacons.

Encased Achievement Guide

It Ends Where it Began

Return to the ruins of Concord.

Encased Achievement Guide

We have a winner!

Finish the game.

Misc achievements

These achievements could be obtained any time and at multiple locations

Encased Achievement Guide

True Survival Simulator

Use the toilet.

Just use a toiled. This should be your first achievement in the game, as there is a toilet room as soon as you arrive the the first building.

Encased Achievement Guide


Get your first kill.

Just kill an enemy, no point to talk more about this one:-)

Encased Achievement Guide


Steal 50,000 worth of combonds.

Cumulative achievement and not required to be done in one playthrough, you can even just pickpocket and then reload your game so if there is an opportunity. You will encounter traveling merchants while exploring the dome, they usually have a lot of cash you could pickpocket, but the amount of value you can pickpocket at once limited to a value, which calculated like: Criminal skill * 5 and could be increased by 500 with a perk.

Encased Achievement Guide


Pick 50 locks.

Cumluative acheivement, you can pick the lock and reload if you want to unlock asap, but this one will unlock easily just by playing normally.

Encased Achievement Guide


Hack 50 computers or robots.

Just hack 50 times, reload works to grind more, however there is an “Experimental Bunker” location, 2 tiles away to the southeast from the Pillaged Caravan, with 46 hackable terminal computers.

Encased Achievement Guide

Wasteland Capitalist

Accumulate over 20,000 combonds.

Have 20000+ combons at the same time. I doubt this achievement could be missed by anyone who finishing the game.

Encased Achievement Guide


Block 100 attacks.

Just block attacks 100 times. Chance for blocking determined by your Defense Class.

Defense Class could be increased by:

  • Base value is your Guts / 2
  • Clothing could increase it
  • Servoshells
  • Armadillo Perk +5 and you can block attack from behind too
  • Base Tech Skill +5
  • Base Piloting Skill +5 for Servoshells
  • During Combat use the shield button to convert your remaining AP to DC

As my first playthrough was pacifist/stealthing but wanted to rush this achievement, I just stopped midgame at some animal encounter with 20+ DC and converted all my AP to DC in every single round and i got this achievement from zero to 100 before my character died.

Encased Achievement Guide

Power of the Mind

Kill 15 creatures with Head Explosion.

Rare, but easy achievement. It is rare because usually you wouldn’t use this ability during regular gameplay. To use head explosion the enemy need to have 750+ fatigue and at that level they get unconscious, so they are not a threat anymore. The achievement is cumulative, you can just find a single enemy, make it to reach 750+ fatigue, save your game and kill it with head explosion, then reload 14 times to do it again. You don’t need to be in combat for it, the enemy could be unconscious and laying on the ground. To get the ability you need to have Psionics combat skill on 120 base level AND you need to have psychokinetic gloves. There are 4 different psy glove types, so you need to have the correct one:

Encased Achievement Guide
Encased Achievement Guide

Nailed it!

Kill 3 enemies with a single shot using an penetrator-class weapon piercing shot.

You will require a High-Tech Weapon, Penetration Class for this. It could be annoying, because you need to kill 3 enemies with a single ability at the same time. So my suggestion is, to make it easier, that you should leave the rats alive at the Magellan Parking Lot, return to there once on high level, with high level penetrator weapon and make it easily:

Encased Achievement Guide
Encased Achievement Guide

We Repel What We Love; We Attract What We Hate

Push and pull the same opponent during a turn.

There are many weapon abilties which push enemies back… But how could you pull them back? Well, there are so called Harpoon Contraption items (listed at weapons when filtered). So during one turn, use a pushback weapon ability on an enemy, then use the harpoon on the same enemy during the same turn. On the picture you can see how the harpoon looks (red circle) and you should be able to use it form the toolbar at the bottom of the screen (blue circle):

Encased Achievement Guide
Encased Achievement Guide


Backstab a 100 times with bladed weapons.

To have an effective backstab you will need the A. Strike ability, so you need to get the melee combat skill to a base 120 level. That ability will do a huge damage, if you have a big fortune, multiplied with 300% if you do the damage from behind (that is a requirement for the achievement). Backstabber Perk add extra 20% to this damage. Now just find some enemies and execute the attack from stealth, with a bladed melee weapon. Reset timer quite long, so it is faster just to reload the game and execute it again than looking for a new enemy:

Encased Achievement Guide
Encased Achievement Guide


Destroy 100 robots and other machines.

You not going to find many robots or machines during your gameplay. Combat could be avoided easily during the whole game. When you find a random encounter with robots, just save your game and replay the battle or you can grind the kills on some turrets.

Achievements in Concord

Encased Achievement Guide

Always a Way Out!

Break down the Landing Pod door and die.

Right at the start of the game right click the door of the landing pad and open it with brute force:

Encased Achievement Guide
Encased Achievement Guide

Wake Up!

Fail the main quest by wasting time.

Once you arrive to Concord, at the very beginning of the game you have 24hours to use the videophone terminal in one of the room, next to the garage.

Encased Achievement Guide

So once you arrived just use the timer marked on the next picture and wait 24hours:

Encased Achievement Guide
Encased Achievement Guide

Wrong Turn

Hijack someone else’s car, crash and die without leaving Concord.

Encased Achievement Guide

You will find a hangar with vehicles. Interact with the car and go for the following steps:

Use car door and get in.

Start the engine.

Shift into gear, step on to gas…

Drive away confidently.

Rely on your dexterity…

Hit the gas and race through the firing zone

Encased Achievement Guide

Getting Hot In Here…

Get inside a coffin and die in the crematorium oven.

At the following location talk with the NPC, and agree to help to figure out if the coffins are comfortable or not. You wont be able to escape it even if you pass all the possible skill checks, so save before.

Encased Achievement Guide
  • Marie and Pierre
Encased Achievement Guide

Get radiation sickness while at the Concord training ground.

As i earned this achievement on the first Early Access version not sure exactly when will unlock this on current version. At the location seen on the picture get radiation, probably to maximum level, so 1000/1000:

Encased Achievement Guide
Encased Achievement Guide

Start-up capital

Accumulate 1,500 combonds in the Prologue.

Check the picture i added to the achievement Getting Hot In Here… Next to the coffin guy there is a toilet room with 3 oranges inside. With some skill check (it was 45, i think it was influence) you can play a bolt game with them. You want to have criminal 30 skill for this, to have the cheating ability. With 200 money you can win another 200 here by winning the bolt game. Win multiple times to get this achievement, before leaving Concord for the first time.

Startegy to the bolt game:

Each 4 participants starting with max 3 bolts in their hands and you need to guess how many will have in their and your hands, and you need to guess three times correctly. Every time someone guess correctly the max amount he can have in the hand is decreased by one. Usually i played like this which worked nearly always.

First win: Keep all 3 bolts, guess for 7-9. Count how many your enemies have and either show the 3 you have or cheat by removing one or adding one.

Second win: Keep all 2 bolts, guess for 6-8. Count how many your enemies have and either show the 3 you have or cheat by removing one or adding one.

Third win: Keep the single bolt in your hand, guess for 5-7. Count how many your enemies have and either show the 3 you have or cheat by removing one or adding one.

Weird coding fail: No matter if you have the max amount of bolts in your hand, like 2 after your first win, you can still add a third to your hand. That way cheating would be clear, still nothing happens and you still winning the round.

Encased Achievement Guide

Changed My Mind

Die while trying to leave the Dome.

Sneak to Gate 1 near the coffin death area. While sneaking you not detected while inside of the white marked area, you gets detected only within the red colored circle:

Encased Achievement Guide

Enter the gate and then hide behind the crates, a guard will come:

Encased Achievement Guide

Now an event will show up and select:

1. Enter the pod and return to the Spire.

Encased Achievement Guide

A Thousand and One Deaths

Achieve all possible endings at the Concord station.

Get the following death related achievements on the same profile to get this achievement. It is not required to get done on the same character, during the same walkthrough, just on the same profile:

Always a Way Out!

Wrong Turn

Getting Hot In Here…

Wake Up

Changed my mind

Achievements at Nashville location

Encased Achievement Guide

Nobody Returns

Kill the members of the Nashville expedition.

At the Nashville base there 3 non”zombie” survivor, one orange wing guy on residental level, one black wing girl and one silver wing guy on offices level. Kill all 3 for the achievement.

Encased Achievement Guide

On Top of the World

Inspect the territory of the Dome at the observation deck by looking through each binocular.

Once you disabled the relic in the excavation level of the Nashville building, you will leave the cave to a new area with some patroling enemies and the car and the ability to travel away from here. There is a glass door which leads to the observation deck on the Nashville facility. Go there and use all 4 binoculars there:

Encased Achievement Guide

Achievements at Magellan

Encased Achievement Guide

Like a Cockroach

Get killed by the elevator.

YOU HAVE ONLY ONE CHANCE for this achievement. When you arrive to Magellan Parking Lot, you can enter the Magellan base. The first time you do that there will be some problem with the elevator. Use the evacuation ladder, go down a few times and when it shows up, select the “do nothing” answer.

Encased Achievement Guide
Encased Achievement Guide

Work Now, Work Later

Send the Oranges to work after they robbed the storage.

Encased Achievement Guide


Work for both Blacks and Oranges, completing “A Case for the Skinny and Nimble” quest.

First pick up the quest “Get to work” from Oya Rasmussen who is standing close to the warehouse. If you are playing as an orange you need already here the “charm” ability to be able to pick up the quest.

Now move to the other part of level-2: when reaching this door interact with it, and select:

-Continue listening

Encased Achievement Guide

Talk to the orange guys and tell them you heard everything.

When you reach the many available answers related to each wing scroll down and choose the answer which requires charm. (For orange wing members it might be different). Now help them to turn out the camera in the black wing security room (it is on lvl-2 area too).

If you is the member of the black wing you can easily enter the room just with your pass card. If not you could either pick lock the door or enter the room through the ventilation system. The entrance to the vent system is next to the elevator.

Once inside use the terminal and switch off the warehouse cameras.

Then go to Stephen Moreau, the patrolling black wing soldier who is located in front of the Warehouse and report that the 2 oranges are trying to rob the warehouse.

Now return to the 2 oranges and tell them you disabled the cameras.

Some time will pass, the oranges now outside of the room. Talk them again for your share and for the Double-Dealing achievement.

Now convince them to do their job with a 20 skill change. Once both oranges return to their work, return to Oya Rasmussen to turn in the quest and so the Work Now, Work Later achievement will unlock too.

Total Recall AND Anarchy Devouring Own Children

Encased Achievement Guide

Total Recall

Help Victoria Legrand remember her past.

Ok, this is a quite complex achievement require multiple steps at different parts of the game. Please keep in mind this achievement not possible during a pacifist walkthrough as you NEED to kill enemies for it, you will also need skill on lvl 50.

During ACT2 you need to find the location of First Setlers Camp, so you need to go to the Fop Camp.

There, Victoria Legrand, Queen of the Fops, demands entertainment for the information so she want you to enter their arena. You need to kill everyone there to finish the quest, KO them out not works! (peaceful method available by finding Sherlock in Maze of Death if you want pacifist achievement, but then this achievement not available)

When leaving the arena you will be asked if you dedicate the win for yourself or for the Queen. Select the Queen related answer.

Now go to speak with Victoria Legrand, and tell her too, that you dedicate the win to Victoria. She will invite you to her royal trailer.

Go to the trailer and select the following conversation options when it becomes available:

  • Take a doll dressed like a CRONUS employee.
  • Suggest she take another doll.
  • Suggest she take a female CRONUSE employee.
  • Select the skill check with 50 conviction skill check.
  • Tell her the doll might have more common with Victoria than it seems. Maybe she’s looking for something? She has a car and travels around the desert.
  • Tell Victora she’s a journalist, and she’s drawn to Maelstrom and everything unkown.

Now finish Act 2 and travel to concord. At the end of the area, when entering the broken pod, DO NOT take the hand of Victoria.

During the Epilogue shut down the Maelstorm.

After the Epilogue you is at the location “Desert near Concord”. Go to this part of the area, close to the the Concord base entrance:

Encased Achievement Guide

Talk to Victoria and select the following conversations:

  • Try to talk her round asking if she really wants it.
  • Tell her you have remembered that evening in her trailer.
  • Answer that you understood everything when saw her playing with the doll mimicking a female CRONUS employee.
  • Say that Victoria was recollecting her past while playing for the employee: a small, white wagon with a roof antenna, Silver Wing, working as a journalist…

Thats it:-)

Encased Achievement Guide

Anarchy Devouring Own Children

Chop off Victoria Legrand’s head.

LOAD LEGRAND SAVE SLOT (check total recall achievement)

instead of “Try to talk her round asking if she really wants it.” select:

Agree to “carry” he to the Maelstorm, whatever that means.

And Yet It Moves – 3 quests for the White Wing

Encased Achievement Guide

And Yet It Moves

Complete three quests for the White Wing.

Some quests/tasks, that might/probably count for this achievement:

Forefathers Door:

At Forefathers Cave location you will meet a white wing member, Deborah Romano, in front of a door mechanism and request your help for opening the door. The door requires 3 relics to be opened. One is given to you by the white wing NPC which is standing in front of the door. Another piece is hidden inside of a pile of rock, which is revealed based on a perception check while you close to it. For the third one, you need to use the drill in the same area. You need to refill the generator with fuel (you can find fuel in some storage at the control room) and then use the drill. Open the door with the 3 relics.

No reputation, so probably not counts for the achievement

For the sake of science

On lvl4 2 scientists talking about smuggling out a relic. You need to turn off the decontainment chamber. The panel to turn it off located on the wall, right on the wall when you leaving the inner lab area through the decontainment chamber and you need a tech-60 skill for that. Then return to the scientists to finish the quest.

+15 White Wing reputation

This is hard to explainl

This quest is on level 5:

Encased Achievement Guide

With the Fixer item you will be able to repair the robokid which is in the case.

+5 White Wing Reputation


Giampiero Salvardi is an white wing NPC on Magellan-parking lot. He is standing next to a car. Fix his car.

Use the car hood and either have Repair skill 80 or a CPS item. You will likely have a CPS item, if not then you could get one from LVL2-warehouse, but first you directed to LVL6 administration to get a spare part voucher form, however you will get that only if you fill out a request form which need to be signed by Salvardi… Well, it is better if you have a CPS already to avoid all these:-)

+5 White Wing Reputation


On LVL4 Akira Okawari gives you a quest to bring back Yoko, his “daughter”. I think she was at the Sonora Storage Bunker. Once she is rescued return to Akira Okawari for your reward.

+15 White Wing Reputation and +5 Yoko Reputation(potential companion)

Know Your Way Around – 3 quests for the Orange Wing

Encased Achievement Guide

Know Your Way Around

Complete three quests for the Orange Wing.

Some quests/tasks might/probably count for the achievement:

A Case for Skinny and Nimble

This is the robbery quest for the 2 oranges located on lvl-2. For more information please check the “Work now, Work later” part of the guide. Please keep in mind you need to solve the quest while not involving the Blacks, so you can’t report them for the Double-Dealing achievement. I suggest to save, get Double-Dealing then reload and finish the quest in favour of the Oranges.

Family Heirloom

On lab lvl-4 an orange, in front of the morgue aksing you to recover a family heirloom from a dead family member. You can either get into the morgue with some lockpicking skil or through a cave. The entrance discovered when close to it, might be dependant on perception skill and can be found on the same level, next to the room where 2 scientist gave you the quest about disabling the decontainment chamber. Get the ring from the body inside there and give back to the Orange (Ernesto). No Orange Wing reputation for this quest, so perhaps this not counts for this achievement at all.

Radiation guy

Very likely not count for this achievement but if you playing a nonorange wing char you need the extra reputation: once you enter lvl-7 reactor level an orange wing guy standing too close to the reactor and getting radiation. Explains him that he shouldnt be here.

+5 Orange Wing Reputation

A noise in the vent

On lvl-7 reactor level there are 2 oranges in a room. One of theirs brother went through the vent and now missing. Go through of it and you will find the body and the killer. After you dealt with the killer return to them or you can finish the quest without killing the killer, just by finding the body.

No reputation, so perhaps not counts for the achievement.

Playing Detective+Straight to the punishment cell

Check the Law and Order achievement for this quest. At the very end of that quest, instead of convincing the Oranges to give up, just help and deal with Ida Grace instead.

Lab Rats

On lvl-5 talk to Joran Lindbergh, an orange wing npc who is located in the big room with the many beds. Ask for quest and he will ask you to get some reagents. It might require to have some reputation level with Oranges to get this quest, it was like that during Early Access and in 1.0+ i selected Rising Star perk from one of the perk points i got for level up which grants +25 reputation with all Wings.

These reagents can be found on lvl-4 laboratory floor then deliver the reagents to him.

+5 Orange Wing Reputation

Dirty Money

Joran Lindbergh gives you a new quest once done with Lab Rats. For the instructions you need to go to the laundry on the same level. There talk to Patricia Lorde who will send you to grab some dirty laungry from the reception of the same level. Grab it and bring it back to Patricia. Now you need to wait a few hours, then you can talk to Patricia again to grab the washed laundry. You need to deliver the 3 clean suits to the following citizens:

Duncan O’Mallone: LVL 5, Residental Area, Room 6.

Milo Randall – Rudolph Starek: This is a bit confusing, as the quest makes to look to Milo, but the suit has Rudolph Starek name on it. You will need Milo Randall, who is located on LVL-6, inside of the big office together with Monty James.

Courtney Reznor: She works on LVL 1 inspection room, but she will call you idiot for delivering the suit to there. She will give you the key to his room, which is room 8 on LVL 5.

Once delivered all 3 suits retun to Joran Lindbergh.

+15 Orange Wing Reputation

Silver Spoon – 3 quests for the Silver Wing

Encased Achievement Guide

Silver Spoon

Complete three quests for the Silver Wing.

Some quests/tasks, that might/probably count for this achievement:

Against all protocol

This was moved to Concord, but giving +5 reputation so probably still counts. Once you arrive to Concord you will meet Monty James at the registration area. Once you done your own registration you just need to go to a terminal and register him and then report back to him.

+5 Silver Wing reputation

Domestic Matters

LVL5, accommodations, talk with the receptionist who giving you some tasks.

Room 4 door jammed, you can open it with basic lockpicking skill.

Room 7 TV set is broken. You can fix it with Tech 10 skill.

A gold watch was stolen from Room 1. Help Indra Kapoor with the “Hit the key and all is gone” quest on level 1 then ask him with helping to find the stolen watch. He will agree if the quest was finished. Now wait some hours, talk with Indra again and he gill you the stolen watch and inform you that the thief was imprisoned.

Get to Work!

Quest is given by Oya Rasmussen on lvl-2, close to the warehouse. Make the 2 oranges on the same floor to return to their work. More info on “Work now, work later” acheivement.

+15 Silver Wing reputation

Law and Order – 3 Quests for the Black Wing

Encased Achievement Guide

Law and Order

Complete three quests for the Black Wing.

Some quests/tasks, that might/probably count for this achievement:

Hit the key and all is gone

Indra Kapoor, on level-1, in front of the surveillance room telling you that there is an issue with a camera. Enter the room, talk with the NPC inside so the server wont have a red icon (Courntey Razor) then right click the server and hack it. Exhausting options will make you find a fingernail, which you removing and so you can reboot the system. Once done turn in the quest at Indra Kapoor.

No reputation awarded so not sure it counts.

Opening the cargo door on level-2

2 Black wing soldier trying to enter the base through the big cargo door, when you approach the big door a text/story panel comes up. You can help to open the door, but the most important part is to heal the injured soldier who coming through the door. +15black wing repu on success. Not sure this counts for the achievement.

No reputation awarded so not sure it counts.

Once more unto Nashville

On level-3 John Keppler, the guy at the servoshells ask you to place a tracking machine at Nashville. Return to there and at the upper parking area (you can get there through the tunnels) just place the tracking device (you can place it from the available abilities at the bottom right of the screen), then return to turn in the quest.

+5 Black Wing Reputation

Playing Detective+Straight to the punishment cell

Ida Grace on lvl-3 giving you the quest “Playing detective”. She was informed about an upcoming Orange breakout and you need to find clues on Lvl-5. Once you arrive on lvl-5 talk to the guy sitting next to the elevator (Adan Moscardo) about this topic (will come up later just keep talking with him) and he will direct you to Suleyman. Find the guy on the same level. He will direct you to an Orange informant Abner Adamidis who works on Lvl-4. Talk to him and you will know Oranges has some talk in the shower room, so return to Lvl-5 Orange residental area, enter the ventilation system and listen to their conversation at the shover room. Then return to Ida Grace on Lvl-3 and offer help to catch the escapees. Playing Detective Quest ends here.

Go back to Lvl-5, to the shover area and use the hatch to enter the residental area caves.

Progress through the area until you find Ida and the 2 oranges. Either convience the oranges to put down the weapons or execute them to get boost to your black wing reputation and negative to orange wing reputation.

+25 Black Wing reputation on peaceful solution

-5 Orange Wing Reputation

Hands of Gold – 3 quest for the Blue wing

Encased Achievement Guide

Hands of Gold

Complete three quests for the Blue Wing.

I have huge problems with this part. I unlocked the achievement during first phase of the Early Access, game changed a lot. Now these quests/tasks not awarding any blue reputation, but I also not found any other quests for them, so these might still count on 1.0+ version too. I would love if anyone using this guide could confirm this.

Help the girl on parking level

Close to the elevator a blue wing girl trying to reach the ventilation access panel. Help her to reach it either by your muscle or by having Agilone capsules in your inventory. +55 exp and not sure this counts for this achievements

Quentin Pollock

Quentin Pollock is an npc on lvl-2:

Encased Achievement Guide

The technician has some rat problem. You need to get an empty cage for him. Now this is quite bugged currently, because i think the developers forgot to add the item in the full release, after revamping the game. The only known way to get it is by pickpocketing George Zarins, who is on LVL-4 lab area, close to the 2 scientist who tasked you with turning off the decontainment chamber. Return the cage to Quentin while you also have 25 Trapping skill. Again, no blue wing repu, as that is never awarded anywhere (bug?) so not sure this counts to the achievement.

Pavel Svetlov

Pavel Svetlov is an NPC on lvl-2 next to a big truck. He complains that the turck is not working. Kick the truck and it will work, if you have 9+? Fortune.

No reputation reward

Under Pressure

At the right side of the sewage system, (the entrance through the hatch on LVL-5, orange wing living quarter area, shover room), Arville Beers, a blue technician, can’t open a big gate. Now go to the left side of the area, find the valve and open the big door on the same side and use the control panel. 5 cockroach enemies there, it is still doable to avoid them while sneaking if you go for Pacifist. Return to Arville and open the gate. No reputation so not sure it counts for the achievement.

The Map

This map could help you to find the locations mentioned in the Dog Tags part of the guide

Encased Achievement Guide
Encased Achievement Guide

Dog Tags collectible

Encased Achievement Guide


Collect all the dog tags from the fallen Atom Peyton’s comrades.

Theare are a total of 18 dogtags, and while achievement says “collect” you also need to turn them in to Atom Peyton, who reside in the City(Junktown on map until Act 1 done), next to the big statue in front of the council building. I still missed a few when @Mortismal Gaming posted all location in the comments section so credit goes to him/her.

Crossroads Location

Encased Achievement Guide

Destination Location

Encased Achievement Guide

Maze of Death Location

Encased Achievement Guide

Desert Lake Location

Encased Achievement Guide

Maelstorm Observation Camp Location

Encased Achievement Guide

Deserted Road Location(northern)

Encased Achievement Guide

Abandoned Filme Set Location

Encased Achievement Guide

Nahsville Facility Parking Lot Location(after your progressed through early story here, upon return)

Encased Achievement Guide

Radioactive Graveyard Location

Encased Achievement Guide

Kaleidoscope Project Location

Encased Achievement Guide

Settlers Campside Location

Encased Achievement Guide

Phalanx Base Location

Encased Achievement Guide

New Committee Location

Encased Achievement Guide

Ash Forest Location

Encased Achievement Guide

Secret Test Site Location

Encased Achievement Guide

First Settlers Camp Location

Encased Achievement Guide

Picnic Neutral Zone Location, Anomaleus Grotto Subzone

Encased Achievement Guide

Fops Camp Location, Arena subzone

You can enter the arena during Act2 while having the quest “Knights in the Junkjard”. You can clean out the arena while KOing enemies instead of killing, if you on a Pacifist playthrough, and get the dog tag, but you can’t solve the quest, only if you kill every single enemy.

Encased Achievement Guide

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