Elsa Bloodstone May Know Spider-Man’s Secret Identity


The following incorporates spoilers for the story “Down Came The Rain” from Crypt of Shadows #1, now on sale from Marvel Comics.

Spider-Man’s identification is among the hero’s most essential secrets and techniques, one thing that has precipitated ache and strife when revealed to the world at giant. It’s why the hero is extra particular about who he unmasks to — and why it issues when an unlikely latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe additionally will get a peek beneath the masks.

Elsa Bloodstone and Human Torch’s team-up within the story “Down Came The Rain” from Crypt of Shadows #1 (by Chris Condon, Fran Galan, Jim Campbell, and VC’s Travis Lanham) ends in the pair rescuing Spider-Man from his most monstrous type. But within the course of, the demon-hunting Bloodstone might need realized the Wall-Crawler’s greatest secret — organising potential team-ups for the pair.

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Elsa Bloodstone’s Connection to Spider-Man

The story “Down Came The Rain” focuses largely on Elsa Bloodstone, one in every of Marvel’s most expert monster hunters. She reluctantly finds herself in New York City, investigating a mysterious rash of individuals being remodeled into vicious animalistic varieties. It seems Spider-Man had tried to resolve the disaster himself, solely to be contaminated and remodeled into a brand new tackle his fearsome Man-Spider type. Stealing the antidote to the serum that precipitated the transformations from the ruthless pharmaceutical firm that was experimenting on it, Elsa is efficiently capable of treatment 9 of the ten contaminated New Yorkers.

Spider-Man proves extra difficult, requiring Elsa to enterprise into the sewers beneath New York alongside the Human Torch. Man-Spider proves to be harmful sufficient to require the temporary team-up, with Elsa capable of land just a few good photographs consequently. This consists of embedding the treatment into Spider-Man, reworking him again into his common human type. The story is essentially performed for laughs, with the ending highlighting the friendship between Human Torch and Spider-Man. But it additionally quietly units up Elsa to search out out extra about Spider-Man than he would possibly like.

Being remodeled into the Man-Spider type ended up severely damaging Spider-Man’s masks. Although he nonetheless had it on after changing into a monster, his return to human type finally ends up pulling the remnants of the masks off. Spider-Man and Human Torch are fast to commerce jokes, however Elsa can also be nonetheless current — and will get an excellent and lengthy take a look at Peter Parker. Even although Human Torch by no means mentions Peter by identify, it is solely potential that Elsa is ready to acknowledge Peter Parker — contemplating at numerous instances he is been world-famous due to companies like Parker Industries. It’s potential the spell positioned on Spider-Man’s identification would possibly preserve Elsa from studying the reality, however that side of Peter’s life has been left considerably difficult because it was launched.

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Spider-Man and Elsa Bloodstone May Be Headed For a Team-Up

Elsa’s expertise with the supernatural could even give her the power to see by means of this phantasm, or at the least alert her to its presence — all of which may simply end in Marvel’s premiere monster hunter realizing who Spider-Man actually is. It’s an fascinating concept, contemplating the comparatively few individuals who really know Peter’s true identification. It may even be an excuse to have Spider-Man and Elsa Bloodstone work together extra in future storylines, giving them a purpose for Elsa to name on his support in case of New York monster-related emergency.

This data may very well be a simple strategy to carry Elsa extra into the highlight alongside Marvel’s flagship character (which might make a specific amount of sense, now that she’s formally joined the MCU in Werewolf By Night), and will assist arrange Spider-Man to tackle a extra supernatural breed of villains faraway from the everyday rogue’s gallery he contends with. Spider-Man and Elsa Bloodstone might need the proper excuse for a team-up, and all it required was Elsa gaining data solely a handful of heroes possess.

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