Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have a history of needling each other on Twitter. Here’s the latest jab 


Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are among the most recognizable business leaders on the planet, but the billionaires aren’t above trolling each other on social media. This weekend the battle resumed.

The latest spike, which came on Saturday, involved Musk’s Twitter deal. After author and podcast host Michael Malice tweeted that “Not a single person wringing their hands over @elonmusk’s Twitter buyout has ever had a problem with Jeff Bezos owning @washingtonpost,” Musk responded: “Good point”.

Musk’s tweet follows a lot of hand wringing on and off Twitter about what will happen if Musk does buy the platform for $44 billion. A protracted drama over the deal has unfolded this year.

Many Twitter users are concerned that Musk’s promise to relax content moderation will lead to more misinformation, hate speech and dangerous content. And within the company, employees are concerned a report at the Bezos property Washington Post that Musk intends to cut 75% of the workforce.

Bloomberg also reported this week that the US government intends to conduct a security review of Musk’s takeover of Twitter, noting concern over Musk’s threat to stop providing Starlink satellite service to Ukraine and what it has been perceived as a friendly stance by Musk with Russia. The White House denied such reports.

Musk vs. Bezos

In April, Bezos threw a punch regarding the Twitter deal, when New York Times Reporter Michael Forsythe noted in a tweet that China was Tesla’s second-largest market, that the automaker relied heavily on Chinese suppliers, and that Beijing had no influence over Twitter, which China had long ago banned.

Connecting the dots, Bezos responded: “Interesting question. Did the Chinese government just gain a bit of influence over the town square?

Billionaires have also traded barbs while competing in the space business. Musk heads SpaceX and Bezos Blue Origin. Last year, Musk poked fun at the fact that Bezos would only travel to the edge of space, not orbit, when he joined the first manned flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard vehicle in July.

One Twitter user captioned four images of the two, with words below Bezos reading “I’m going to space!” in a box and Musk saying, “Orbital, right?” In other. The next frame showed a less emotional Bezos saying nothing, and Musk repeating, “Orbital, right?

Musk responded with “Haha.”

Musk also goaded Bezos last November, when a judge threw out a lawsuit Blue Origin had filed against NASA, alleging the space agency had improperly awarded an entire $2.9 billion contract to SpaceX. Musk tweeted: “You have been judged.”

A year ago, Musk also mocked Bezos after surpassing him as the world’s richest man, responding to a Bezos tweet touting that Amazon beat the odds and succeeded despite doubts, with an image of medal number 2

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