Elden Ring 2 & more sequels seemingly confirmed by Miyazaki



    With 2023 being dominated by the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Starfield, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it’s easy to forget the Goliaths of 2022. Up there with God of War Ragnarok, Elden Ring blew us away and set its stake as Game of The Year.

    While things have gone quiet on all things Elden Ring as we wait for the massive Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, it seems FromSoftware is still looking at the future of the franchise. No one was buying that Elden Ring was going to be one-and-done, but now, Hidetaka Miyazaki might’ve just confirmed Elden Ring 2.

    Did Hidetaka Miyazaki confirm Elden Ring 2 and more sequels?

    Future Press has just released the second volume of the Elden Ring Books of Knowledge, expanding on the various monsters you’ll encounter in the Lands Between, as well as stats and insight from those who brought this world to life. One of the big selling points in an exclusive interview with Elden Ring Director, Hidetaka Miyazaki.

    According to those who’ve picked up the book, Miyazaki hints at the future of the Lands Between and says that the Roundtable Hold is a particularly important POI. This link to Elden Ring 2 and possibly more entries, as Miyazaki says its importance is being saved for “future games.”

    The interview is reportedly only brief and hasn’t been made publically available online, however, if Miyazaki is already dropping tidbits about potential sequels and an expanded franchise, expect this to become a recurring question in interviews.

    Where is Elden Ring 2?

    Elden Ring Erdtree

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    News of Elden Ring 2 shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, nor should a potential Elden Ring 3, 4, or however many other games FromSoftware imagines. The developer’s Dark Souls series knocked out a brilliant trilogy, and the first game got nowhere near the success of Elden Ring.

    Earlier this year, FromSoftware teased the idea of working on multiple games at once, suggesting Elden Ring 2 could already be in development alongside Armored Core 6 – then again, that’s just wishful thinking. As soon as Elden Ring released, publisher Bandai Namco was talking about “expanding” the IP. 

    There are also whispers of an Elden Ring TV series, although Elden Ring 2 makes the most sense for the time being. After all, you don’t bring George R.R. Martin on board to write thousands of years of lore, just for a single game. Either way, Elden Ring 2 isn’t emerging from the Lake of Rot just yet.



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