Motive Studios’ upcoming Iron Man game reportedly tells an authentic story that builds upon established parts of the Marvel Universe.

As detailed in an article from, this announcement fueled hypothesis that this game may mark the start of a Marvel Interactive Universe that might tie Iron Man’s story with that of each different Marvel game. However, Bill Rosemann, the VP and artistic director of Marvel Games, defined that this isn’t the case and that each one future Marvel video games, together with Iron Man, can be standalone and unbiased of each other, tied collectively solely by sure Marvel ‘constructing blocks.’

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“Every decision [the Motive team] are making about their Marvel Universe, their Tony Stark, their Iron Man…they’re building it from the ground-up,” Rosemann defined. “But it is being built with what we call Marvel ‘building blocks.’ When you play the game, it may not be the Iron Man story that you’ve experienced before, but there will be many similar things. What would you expect in a Marvel story? There are things, there are institutions, certain companies, groups…I don’t want to say what is and isn’t in this game, but for example there is S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra, there’s the Daily Bugle, there’s these different countries that exist. These are the building blocks that make the Marvel Universe.”

No Marvel Gaming Multiverse

Although Marvel achieved monetary success with the multiverse within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Rosemann defined that Marvel Games’ ambition is to ‘give everybody the liberty to inform their very own story,’ referring to not solely Motive Studios however each developer that works to create Marvel video games sooner or later. With that in thoughts, it might be inconceivable to permit studios complete freedom to create if pressured to correlate with each other for a Marvel gaming multiverse. According to Iron Man’s Executive Producer Olivier Proulx, Marvel repeatedly encourages him and his dev workforce to create a model of Tony Stark/Iron Man that’s uniquely their very own. Rosemann additional defined the reasoning behind this.

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“All of the best Marvel creations, throughout our history–comics, cartoons, films, games–are when the best talent comes to Marvel and they’re teamed up with characters they love, and want to say something with. And often they want to say something new. And its Marvel’s tradition to give them that freedom to tell their story. What is the new thing they want to do? It’s like they’re the chef. What is the meal you want to make? Oh, you can make that awesome. Here are all the ingredients.”

As Motive Studios’ Iron Man continues to be within the pre-production stage, there’s presently no launch window.


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