EA Sports FC hints at the return of Mason Greenwood


    EA Sports FC may be gearing up to re-integrate Mason Greenwood into the upcoming video game after he was removed from FIFA amid a court case and internal investigations within Manchester United.

    Mason Greenwood hasn’t kicked a ball since January 2022 and was removed from FIFA in the same month. The footballer was suspended after being taken to court amid charges that included allegations of attempted rape, engaging in controlling behaviour, and assault.

    The court case was dropped as of February 2023, and now, EA Sports FC has potentially started the process of adding his data back into their games.

    Mason Greenwood could be re-integrated to EA Sports FC


    On August 21, Mason Greenwood mutually agreed to leave Manchester United after an internal investigation was spurred towards this decision from fan backlash.

    But Greenwood may now look to return to professional football elsewhere in the world, having previously been linked to other clubs in Europe, meaning that he could be back in favour to feature in football games.

    According to ReFIFA, Mason Greenwood has been added to the database for EA Sports FC, including his facial scan.

    Will Mason Greenwood be in EA Sports FC?

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    EA Sports FC has apparently added Mason Greenwood’s head model back to its database, but that doesn’t mean he will be available to use. Either way, he will likely not feature in the Manchester United squad when the game launches.

    Instead, Greenwood might only be added back to EA Sports FC if he finds himself a new club which also features in the game.

    The other possibility is that he could be a “free agent” on Career Mode, although it’s not yet sure whether EA will hold the player back from these modes until he potentially joins a professional team again.


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