EA Sports FC 24 is forcing you to play PGA Tour instead


    EA Sports FC is about to finally kick into gear, and the impact of its big branding change remains to be seen when it comes to sales. Dropping the FIFA moniker was a pretty big deal, but only time will tell how it leaves its mark on the end-of-year charts – especially in the UK.

    For now, we can simply get excited for new features that the game is putting forward. Unfortunately, it would seem that players who are trying to take the game for a spin are getting a little more than they bargained for.

    EA Sports FC is giving beta players PGA Tour instead

    Although we knew FIFA would be a different game, this was pretty unexpected. It has been reported that players who have been granted access to EA Sports FC’s online beta have accidentally been sent to a page indicating they’ve claimed a bizarrely named edition of PGA Tour.

    The game, titled in the store as LoremIpsum 42 XSX, isn’t reported to actually work as PGA Tour just yet. At the very least, players aren’t getting what they actually asked for, which is a pretty big problem in itself when EA Sports FC could do with all of the good press it can get its hands on.

    Fans report EA Sports FC beta goes live in 2099

    Other players in the replies who aren’t meeting the PGA Tour problem head-on are getting a different issue. Many trying to access the EA Sports FC beta are being met with the reveal that the game itself will be unlocking on either December 31 2098, or January 1 2099. Seems like an important distinction.

    It seems as though the beta process for the game has been a bit of a mess in the back end, but if the core game is in a similar shape, fans aren’t going to be happy. With so many big changes on the horizon, here’s hoping EA Sports FC isn’t already heading toward an early shower.


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