Dwayne Johnson Is Open to Barry Keoghan’s Joker Appearing in a Black Adam Sequel


This article contains major spoilers for black adamin theaters now.

Matt Reeves’ the batman introduced its own version of The Joker, separate from the one established in the DCEU. Played by actor Barry Keoghan, the creepiest iteration of the Clown Prince of Crime has a huge fan in black adam star Dwayne Johnson, who recently hinted that he wants Keoghan’s Joker to appear in a black adam continuation.

Speaking with Joe.ie, Johnson discussed working with Irish national treasures like Pierce Brosnan. He said, “For the record: Barry Keoghan is a friend of mine, and I thought his Joker was phenomenal. And I know the work he really did, so I really hope we see more of that guy! Whether it’s in the Batman series or.” .. hey, you never know, in Black Adam.”

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Keoghan only made a brief appearance in the batmanThe theatrical release of , though its deleted scene was later released online, giving audiences a glimpse of this iteration’s disfigurements and odd behavior. It also established a new dynamic between the iconic supervillain and the Dark Knight, as the titular superhero was seen visiting the Joker for a consultation in his investigation of the Riddler.

It is currently unknown if the Joker will still appear in the film from director Matt Reeves. the batman continuation. Keoghan himself recently stated that he has not yet been contacted to return. Warner Bros. officially announced a sequel movie, but it’s reportedly still in development with a release date years away. It is unclear whether or not Keoghan would appear as the same character in any black adam-related project, such as the batman exists outside of the DCEU.

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Black Adam enters the DCEU

black adam marks a major change from recent DCEU movies with the reintroduction of Superman, played by actor Henry Cavill. This follows a notable absence in the past five years, following 2017’s mixed reception. League of Justice. Producer Hiram Garcia recently teased that there are plans for a long-running rivalry between the Man of Steel and Black Adam that will span multiple movies. It’s unclear how much this will affect the larger DCEU.

The most recent installment of the DCEU follows Teth-Adam, a demigod who emerges after 5,000 years in a modern world in which he is the most powerful being on Earth. He is confronted by the Justice Society of America, who hope to dissuade him from his unique brand of brutal justice.

black adam is playing in theaters now.

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