DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS Important Locations Co -Ordinates

Here is a list of Co-ordinates of Important Locations

Exploration Ability Locations

Abilities are necessary to survive the more difficult challenges of the dungeon.

Format is as follows:

NAME (Z.Y.X.) – Effect

Fiend Scouting (01.77.62) – Can see enemies on the map.

Lesser Descension (05.31.58) – Go down one floor but only if there is an open tile available.

Lesser Ascension (07.54.37) – Go up one floor but only if there is an open tile available.

Eagle Eye (11.30.68) – Expands map view.

Gambler’s Shift – (15.15.50) – Moves the party to a random open tile on the same floor.

Wanderer Tracking (18.65.72) – Displays the distance towards the nearest wanderer.

Shift (22.32.61) – Allows you to warp a tile ahead. Useful for skipping enemies and gaps.

Fiend Shuffle (25.84.29) – Shuffles all the fiend spots on the floor.

Expanded Awareness (29.56.51) – The number of unexplored tiles in each direction is displayed.

Conjured Waypoint (32.53.65) – Allows you to create a waypoint which you can warp to. Once you warp back to the waypoint, it disappears.

Greater Ascension (35.60.30) – Moves the party upwards until you hit an open tile.

Greater Descension (38.64.49) – Moves the party downwards until you hit an open tile.

Knight’s Shift (40.85.37) – Moves the party in a L-shape (like a Knight in chess.)

Pitfall Clairvoyance (47.99.19) – Can view pitfall pits on the map.

Toll Evasion (56.53.46) – You no longer lose money when going over toll spaces.

Gambler’s Teleport (58.33.61) – Moves party to a random open tile in dungeon.

Illusion Clairvoyance (69.51.42) – Can view hidden spaces on the map.

Homeward Bound (72.45.54) – Send one or more party members back to Academy (you must have at least one person left in party however

Teleport (86.04.33) – Input a co-ordinate and you will warp to it.

Perfect Camouflage (98.69.31) – You no longer trigger battles when you touch enemy tiles.

Battle Ability Locations

These are abilities that can be used in battle or provide a passive boost. The passive boosts are very useful as they can defend your party from different instant death attacks.

Format is as follows:

NAME (Z.Y.X.) – Effect

Withdraw (02.44.40) – Action. Gives your party a chance to run from battle when used.

Mithridate (05.41.49) – Passive. Makes party immune to Poison.

Restoration (06.47.32) – Action. Fully restore HP of a single party member.

Valiant Strength (09.49.48) –

Unappetizing (14.36.62) – Passive. Makes party immune to Consume.

Resolute (16.49.69) –

Resurrection (17.59.35) – Action. Restore a KO’d party member.

Physical Rejuvenation (20.42.52) –

Magical Rejuvenation (21.39.54) –

Softskin (23.73.52) – Passive. Protects party from Petrify.

Desperate Strength (26.50.14) –

Group Reflection (31.67.74)

Armsmaster (33.76.60) – Protects party equipment from breaking.

Wrothful Strength (36.47.44) –

Fearless (41.77.67) –

Greater Resurrection (45.49.50) –

Dominant Strength (55.21.82) –

Ranged Focus (59.27.42) – Passive. Allows party to hit flying enemies with any weapon.

Dual Rejuvenation (66.83.82) –

Greater Restoration (63.72.66) –

Special Locations

These are locations that are one of a kind in the dungeon.

The Lamia’s Potations (52.45.43) – A shop that sells stat boosting potion (Mystery Compounds.)

Cavy Idol (97.44.77) – Not a shop but the only way to heal a party member from Cavified.

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