Dude Simulator 4 How To Escape From House

Dude Simulator 4 How To Escape From House. So you have been abducted ey? Dont worry, this easy and simple method will show you how to escape.

How to escape from the house.

It’s pretty easy ngl.

Step 1: After you spawn in the house go down the stairs and find the toilet.
Step 2: After you find the toilet, remove all of the ♥♥♥♥ out of it by holding MOUSE1 and dragging out of the toilet and you will find… A KEY!
Step 3: With the key, you can go upstairs and find a room that was previously locked. Using the key you can open the door
Step 4: Pick up the phone and have a very serious discussion with the police so they can come and save you and the guy pissing
Step 5: Wait
Step 6: The police will turn up to the front door that was previously locked. You can now escape!!!
Protip: Steal the cop’s car for faster movement.

Dude Simulator 4 How To Escape From House

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