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    Dredge, the sinister fishing RPG, sees you captaining a small trawler around a group of islands that look idyllic during the day, and then anything but at night. Fishing and dredging allow you to raise funds and find the equipment you need to upgrade your ship, but it’s the characters that bring the game to life. These include four shadowy figures that can really help you if you help them first. Here we’ve put together our guide to hooded figures for Dredge, including the tactics and placement of each one.

    Dredge Hooded Figures Guide

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    You will find each of the hooded figures in a different specific section of the map. But don’t be too quick to talk to them, as while the gifts you may receive are worth it, these are a one-time deal and failure is a definite possibility.

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    When you start a conversation with one of the hooded figures, you are basically start a timer in a chase. If you do not complete it within the time limit the hooded figure will die, taking their precious booty with them to the grave. For that reason, it’s best to first upgrade your ship and do your research (see below) before talking to each of them in turn. You’ll only want to tackle one at a time because of the timer. However, the most important thing to know is that you can pick up the fish and have them in your boat before starting the search.

    So if a fish is particularly distant or hard to find, you can have it ready before you speak to the hooded figure. Can deliver multiple fish at once too, but it’s important to note that you must deliver them in the correct order. They will ask for a fish, and only ask for the next one after they have received it. For example, you can get to the Blue Hooded figure with the Tiger Mackerel, but he won’t ask for it until you’ve given him the Blue Mackerel. However, if you bring them both at once, you can hand over the Blue and it will immediately ask for the Tiger, which you can hand over instantly.

    What to do if hooded figures die in Dredge?

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    If a cloaked figure dies before you return with what they asked for, still be able to score the chasebut the bounty will be gone forever. Some players won’t mind this, as while the rewards are great, they don’t break the game if you don’t have them.

    However, if you’re determined to get them all but a timer has failed, remember that you can Die and return to your previous save point. It’s never hard to die in Dredge, so as long as you haven’t saved your game since you failed the quest, you can go back. Alternatively, you can always start another run of the game.

    How does a chase of hooded figures work?

    If you don’t want to go on a hooded figure chase when you find one of the figures, do not interact with question mark. Unlike a normal conversation with an NPC in Dredge, the moment you start the conversation by pressing F, the chase will start. No option to come back later etc.

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    They will then ask you for the first fish they are looking for and the Pursuit will be added to your cabin. There is no indication of a time limit., so you can’t tell if or when the chase will fail. Therefore, it is best to complete it as quickly as possible. You can certainly sleep through the night before heading back, so it’s definitely more than a day.

    All Hooded Figure Locations in Dredge

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    Below you’ll find information on where each of the Hooded Figures can be found, along with what you’ll get for completing their quest and what you need to know before starting each one. There is no specific order in which you should do them, as this will depend on how you work through the game and improve your team. Although you most likely can Face the blue hooded figure first, and his reward will give you a solid return for the rest of the game.

    Dredge Blue Hooded Figure Location and Chase Details

    • Location: M7
    • bounty book: Haggling and Bartering: A Guide (5 Percent Buy and Sell Bonus)

    requires you to fish blue mackerel (The Medulas), tiger mackerel (Gale Cliffs), and mackerel snake (Devil’s Spine) before returning them to the Blue Hooded figure. They can all be captured during the day time and with a Coastal Rod either Trawl.

    Dredge yellow or gold hooded figure location and chase details

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    • Location:K2
    • bounty book: Advanced Fishing (15 percent rod and reel efficiency)

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    Find and capture a snapper (Coastal Rod or Trawl), canine (Abyssal Rod), and blue crab (Crab Pot), before returning to the hooded figure with each one. Red snapper must be caught during the day, while the others can be found at any time. All three can be found in Stellar Basin.

    Dredge red or brown hooded figure location and chase details

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    • Location:L14
    • bounty book: Nautical Engineer (slows durability loss by 15 percent)

    You will have to catch a tusk eel (Volcanic Rod or Trawl, Devil’s Spine, at night), Sailfish (Ocean Rod or Trawl, Marrows, day), and frilled shark (Volcanic Rod or Trawl, Devil’s Spine, anytime), then return to the hooded figure with each one in order.

    Dredge Purple Hooded Figure Location and Chase Details

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    • Location: E10
    • bounty book: Pushing the Limit: Engines (7.5 percent movement bonus)

    fish a shad (shallow rod or trawl, twisted line), horseshoe crab (Crab Pot, Twisted Strand), and barrel eye (Abyssal Rod, Stellar Basin) and return to the hooded figure to deliver each one. They can all be caught day or night.

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