Dragon Quest III: HD-2D Remake Preview – Returning to the Roots


    The long-awaited Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake appeared during today’s highly anticipated Nintendo Direct. We learned a lot about the upcoming game, including its release date, which comes in November. Also, during Summer Gamefest 2024, we spent about 45 minutes looking at the upcoming retro remake of one of the most beloved and important Dragon Quest games of all time.

    In Dragon Quest III, which takes place years before the first two games in the series, you step into the shoes of Ortega, an only child, a noble hero who fails to defeat Baramos, an archfiend who threatens the safety of the world. Is. On the child’s 16th birthday, he is summoned by the King of the Demons and asked to carry on his father’s unfinished quest to defeat Baramos. The 16-year-old hero must gather his party, explore a vast world full of towns and dungeons, and defeat monsters in turn-based battles.

    In Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake, players enjoy beautiful HD-2D visuals, which take 2D sprites and add 3D graphics and elements to the mix similar to other Square Enix games like Octopath Traveler and Triangle Strategy. Popularized by The remake also includes a modern UI and various quality of life improvements. Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake follows the story of the original game, but developers Tim Asano and Art Dink also expanded the core narrative under the supervision of series creator Yuji Hori.

    This new version still relies on the traditional turn-based combat found in the NES original that came out in the US in 1992. However, the team has expanded on that as well, giving players new animations, adjustable battle speed, and even an automatic battle. During my hands-on time with the layout, these improvements were the most impressive. Yes, the visuals are beautiful, and the UI improvements help, but being able to speed up traditionally slow turn-based battles and even set them to auto-fight made the grind that much more enjoyable. Running through endless waves of Antnibblers, Stark Ravens, Slimes, and Bunicorns using these settings helped me level up my characters as they explored the large world map.

    However, it’s worth noting that this is clearly a game made in the late 80s. Various modernizations and updates have been made to the formula, but if you’re expecting something up to modern game design and gameplay standards, you’ll be left wanting. However, if you’re a fan of the original or just curious about going back and experiencing this beloved classic, it looks like this might be the best way to enjoy the story of Dragon Quest III in 2024.

    If this remake sounds appealing, we also received a release date during the Nintendo Direct: Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC on November 14th.


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