This Guide will maybe help you to understand what the resident do

What they do

All the resident of your beautifull island have a different job. The resident will help you to grow your village with different activity. I would like to add than I am not sure of everything if some one want to correct me I will glad to listen you

Farmer : one of the most important, they grow your fild, plant and harvest.

Villager (red) : The red villager will cook (Kitchen) and made drink (Potable Plant) for your village is one of the most basic but important for the happyness of your island

Villager (blue) : Do nothing (I don’t know why)

Miner : The miner is good for the farming of different bar of materials on the (on the smithy room) they will speed up the process, also if you had a Armourer’s Workshop the miner and bar in the chest they will begin to smithing.

Merchant : The merchant gonna sale item to the different resident (they seem to work often at night but sometime at day).

Barman : Work at night and will serve drink on the bar.

Dancer : Will dance if you have a podium and generate happyness

Solder (blue) : Will guard the room and attack, also speed up the crafting on the Wizard’s Workshop (Normal soldier)

Soldier (Red) : Guard and add defence buff during battle

Soldier (Green) : Guard and healt during battle

Singer (Male/female) : Will sing and generate happyness

Nun (Priest) : Will pray on your church and generate happyness during mass

Elder : I have read sometime they will fish I never see that let me know

Child : Like the red villager but they are more cute.

Also some resident seem to be special like Jeremiah who can speed up your construction on the Wizard’s Workshop.

Thank you and let me know if you know something else 🙂

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