Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero gives its players the power to write their own anime


    Remember the great days of YouTube when we had hundreds of Dragon Ball battle animations? You can create your own in Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO with custom battle mode, complete with taunts, dialogue and full cutscenes.

    What is custom battle mode in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero?

    Custom Battle Mode is exactly what it implies: a mode where players can organize their own battles. The advantage comes with the amount of power you can have in the custom battle mode.

    In custom battle mode, you can do the following:

    • Set custom rules
    • Use any character
    • Allow any character to appear on both sides, such as a cameo.
    • Set any expression and pose at any time (not just before the fight)
    • Create your own scenes that you can insert in the middle of the battle
    • Write your own dialogue for said scenes.
    Image via Bandai Namco

    If you are interested in knowing all the battle modes of Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO, such as online multiplayer and episodic battles, here is Bandai’s full showcase:

    Needless to say, fans are very happy with all this. Some even hope that the most dedicated people in the community will create feature-length films, which is possible given the lack of a maximum length for custom battles.

    Once you’ve created your custom battle, you can even share it online!

    User X (formerly Twitter) @eninyon he perfectly describes this as “the best thing a video game has ever understood about its fanbase.”

    Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero will be released worldwide on October 11, 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC (Steam).

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