Draconia Character Creation Guide

A little detailed guide on Draconias in depth Character Creation for the prettiest dragons, griffins and more!


Patch – pre-alpha 0.1.003A

Welcome to my guide to Draconias Character Creation!

Your very own dragon – this probably the most important aspect of Draconia. You create one, level it to raise it, go on adventures with it and explore the world!

But this very first part can be rather overwhelming to newcomers. Here I teach you everything you need to know to bring your very own little beast to live!

Draconia Character Creation Guide
Draconia Character Creation Guide

Picking a Species

The first decision for the character creation is also one of the most difficult for some of us: what species do I play as?!

Draconia provides 6 incredible main species to play as for different playstyles. From the small Yggaron to the elegant Yamati and the powerful and iconic Vodros. I’ll leave you the list from my Beginners Guide here and mark what’s not playable yet with the little star*.

Main Species 2 of 6

CreatureElementCan it fly?
Vodros – European DragonShadowYes
Yggaron – LindwormPoisonNo
*Yamati – Eastern DragonWaterYes
*Fyrrwin – WyvernFireYes
*Tecatl – Quetzalcoatl/AmphitereLightYes
*Gaulung – Big Drake/BehemothEarthNo

As you see, each species comes with its own flavor of elements. If these will be changeable depends on the games funding and development.

Appart from these 6 beasts you can also pick the gameplay wise more simple wildlife creatures and become an angelic kirin or a griffin and bring nightmares into dragon nests!

Wildlife Creatures

CreatureElementCan it fly?
*Stoneback – dragonturtleUnknownNo

Skin patterns and Coloring

The Patterns

Every creature you may pick to play as comes with currently 1 to 4 skin patterns to choose from. Sometimes they can be combined for even more unique looks!

Draconia Character Creation Guide

Araya here uses pattern 4 for the body and pattern 2 for the wings.

Main Species


WIldlife Species


Coloring your Character

When you think a pattern will fit to what you want your character to look like, you come to the real magic.

Every color field of the patterns can be colored separately with a color wheel, allowing a great variety of designs! By hovering over the color boxes, the connected areas on the creature gets highlighted. Clicking on them shows the color tool.

highlighted. Clicking on them shows the color tool.

Draconia Character Creation Guide
Draconia Character Creation Guide

4th colorpart highlighted

When hopping in, you may see many people with glowy colors. While the character creation doesn’t support a real glow effect (exception: Yggaron accessoires), manually raising the RGB settings above 1 oversaturates the color. This provides a beautiful bright color!

Draconia Character Creation Guide
Draconia Character Creation Guide

Changing the R value from 1 to 10 turns this orange color into lava-like patterns, perfect for fire dragons!

Adding Details!

To give your character some more personality, take a look at the lower left of the screen. You find 4 symbols representing the 4 main parts of the creation: Skin, Attachments, Accessoires, Warpaint.

Draconia Character Creation Guide

You are free to choose in what order you take a look these when creating a new beast, I personally go all left to right and switch many times. I spent hours in this screen after all! 😛

Horns, Spikes and more!

Draconia Character Creation Guide

In the attachments section you can add different types of horns to your dragons head and nose, spikes to the cheeks, neck, back and tail and a new tail tip.

Different species provide different attachments, the griffin for example lets you change the beak and tail or add cute ears.

Over time, more things will be added. So don’t worry if the perfect set of horns or ears is not available yet!


Draconia Character Creation Guide

In the next section, you may add little details like pearls to the Vodros’ tail or parts of the legendary ancient bone armor set. But be warned that not all things here are fully colorable. My loves flowercrown may be a little tricky to handle.

Ready to fight – Warpaint!

Draconia Character Creation Guide

Lastly you try yourself in the more tricky part. Adding warpaint looks simple and definitely can be, but once you start with the blendmodes and more it can quickly turn into a mess. Take your time with it!

Draconia Character Creation Guide

You can add a pattern to the warpaint for better characteristics to it. 20 noise patterns add a very specific style to it, so don’t be afraid to play around for a while.

Draconia Character Creation Guide
Draconia Character Creation Guide

Happy with your new friends’ design? Let’s move on! 🙂

Names, titles and sharing

Draconia Character Creation Guide

Names & Randomizers

As the last step to finish your character, you can name it and add a title if you desire.

If you have troubles with the name, you can click the symbol next to the name plate a few times to generate names until you get an idea or find a fitting one.

Choosing a Title

Draconia Character Creation Guide

The title list is HUGE! Many of them will be locked at first to be unlocked in Quests or other actions once the game releases.

While many titles are brought to you by backers, none is exclusive to anyone or hidden behind an additional pay wall.

There are currently over 120 titles to choose from in game (counted 137 in pre-alpha 0.1.003A)

Copying and Sharing a Character

Lastly, you may want to play your new character on another server to show them to friends and take on a new adventure with them. But they are server saved, so what to do?

Draconia Character Creation Guide

To copy and paste a characters look (not progress!) to other servers, click the scroll symbol next to its name in the character list. They way you get a string code, which you’ll have to import into the new server. To do so, join in an hit the small “import” button right above “new character” and paste the code to the upper line. To finally play, enter the name or a new name in the line below the code and hit import. Now you got a copy of your previous created beast in another place!

Draconia Character Creation Guide

This way you can also import characters made by other people. The Draconia Community decided to use justpaste.it to save and store characters for others to use. The Discords #character_library channel is a collection with links to pretty beasts from talented and creative players.

Final words

As always, I’ll drop you the important links below:

When joining their Discord server, make sure to take a look at the #info and #faq channels.

With the character creation getting more love, I decided to separate it from my Beginners Guide in advance. New additions like the new upcomming models and swapable body parts will be aded here once they arrive to the public build.

I hope you found this guide on creating a beast to join your journey in Draconia informative. Making these guides is to much fun to me. 🙂

Here is a list to my other Draconia 101 guides:

Thank you for reading and stay hydrated!

Draconia Character Creation Guide
Draconia Character Creation Guide
Draconia Character Creation Guide
Draconia Character Creation Guide

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Draconia Character Creation Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Datlen Ohana. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.