Draconia Beginners Guide

Another basics guide for Draconia to help you getting started!


Patch: pre-Alpha 0.1.003A

Hello and welcome to my beginners guide to Draconia!

You’re interested in the game of Draconia but aren’t sure if it’s worth getting a key yet? Let me help you on that. Here I will show you everything you need to know about the game and the things you can expect currently before you decide to support the team and get your very own key!


You will find out what you can do in the game currently and what tasks you fill face, such as

– Exploring the map

– Sniffing for food

– Contributing in PvP

– Gathering materials

– Crafting items

What’s Playable?

You can find out about the current and future playables here, as well as some infos on the character creation.


This is a simple explanation about the games servers and PvX settings.

Current Controls

Here you’ll find all controls you need to navigate through the world of Draconia with ease!


Draconia is in a very early state of development. With currently being Pre-Alpha, many mechanics are very basic or not implemented yet. For the guide I’ll focus on what’s possible now and leave most planned things out.

Basic Needs

Your character has basic needs: hunger and thirst. You’ll have to keep an eye on those or your new friend will die! Death is not permament though, you won’t loose your character and can simply respawn. Some food items can be picked up and you can enjoy your meal elsewhere.

Appart from that you’ll loose stamina while moving. If you struggle to find food, you can sniff for it and pick it up for later. As long as it’s not a carcass, you can store food in your inventory to be prepared for your next journey!

Here you see the HUD provided by one of my Yggaron!

Draconia Beginners Guide
  • Red: Health
  • Green: Hunger
  • Blue: Thirst
  • Orange: Stamina
  • Bright Blue: Experience
  • Purple: Mana (not used yet but effected by mushrooms)

Leveling & Growth

Now that you know how to keep your dragon alive in simple daily situations, let me explain why you are so smol. You spawn as a baby dragon! This means you are weak, slow and helpless.

As a little hatchling, your stamina drains very fast, plus you need to eat and drink more often. So be prepared for your first few levels. Because as you level up, you grow in size and strength. A little help here are other players, that are able to carry you around when 10+ levels higher than you, or strong enough to do so. A level 20 griffin cannot carry a level 2 Vodros!

Just spawned Vodros hatchling -> max size adult Vodros

The maximum size is reached with lvl20, the max level however is currently 50.

Don’t get confused with the experience bar saying 51 at the very right though.

To level up you can gather materials from metal and crystal ores, more will follow with quests and enemies in the world, exploring will likely become another way to gather exp.

Vodros hatchling next to 2 examples of deposits to gather materials and experience from

And remember: the game is in pre-alpha. reaching lvl50 takes a few hours now and will take several weeks in the future (info from the lovely devs, Levia and Amph).

Inventory & Crafting

You’ll already have an inventory, including your crafting menu from the first level on. You find 3 inventoryslots for food and materials there and 4 extra slots with no use currently. Later you’ll be able to equip items there to increase your inventorys space. The lower bag icon in your inventory sends you to the crafting menu, the upper one back to your inventory.

Draconia Beginners Guide

Crafting is a rather simple mechanic in Draconia. It just requires you to have all ingredients in your inventory and the knowledge of what you want to craft so far. You can read more about recipes, materials and more in a separate guide linked in the “Final Words” section.

Draconia Beginners Guide
Draconia Beginners Guide
Draconia Beginners Guide

Ongoing crafting process & the crafted item in the inventory


The Combat of the game is very basic, providing 2 attacks with most playable species. You can make use of basic bites as primary/melee attack and a secondary attack in form of an element breath or other. For example, the elementless griffing has a typical and simple peck with its beak and a powerful wingflap.

As little help for fighting in mid air, you can make use of the auto focus mechanic, which locks your dragons sight onto your opponent. Just be aware, the flight combat is.. rather wonky. xD

Draconia Beginners Guide
Draconia Beginners Guide

A Vodros’ shadow breath and the griffins wing flap attack.

Photo Mode

If you want to take nice screenshots and get your character into the best light, you can use the photo mode! It lets you set the distance and focus, colors, brightness and in singleplayer even the daytime as you wish to take the perfect shots! And since weather is a thing too, you can make amazing thunder shots. It works in both, singleplayer and multiplayer, but the first is safer, since your character cannot move nor fight back while you are in photo mode.

Draconia Beginners Guide
Draconia Beginners Guide

The photo mode HUD and a finished screenshot with warmed up colors

What’s playable?

List of Spezies

Main Species 2 of 7

CreatureElementCan it fly?Current Status
Vodros – European DragonShadowYesPlayable
Yggaron – LindwormPoisonNoPlayable
Yamati – Eastern DragonWaterYesNot playable yet
Fyrrwin – WyvernFireYesNot playable yet
Tecatl – Quetzalcoatl/AmphitereLightYesNot playable yet
Gaulung – Big Drake/BehemothEarthNoNot playable yet
Ka’Sai – DragonpeopleSurprise!NoNot playable yet
Draconia Beginners Guide
Draconia Beginners Guide

Wildlife Creatures

CreatureElementCan it fly?Current Status
KirinUnknownNoNot playable
Stoneback – dragonturtleUnknownNoNot playable
DrakeUnknownNoNot playable
Draconia Beginners Guide
Draconia Beginners Guide

Note that backer species or items are not exclusive to the backers. There will be NO exclusives! 😀

With the Ka’Sai being confirmed as playables and the depth of gameplay mechanics they’ll come along with, I have added them to the main species list here.

Character Creation

Draconia Beginners Guide

Once you have picked a species, you can customize it. Here the game provides many options like different patterns, a color wheel, attachments and more! A more indepth version of this aspect can be found in a separate guide linked in the “Final Words” section too.


Draconia Beginners Guide

Draconia offers many ways to enjoy its world. Alone in Singleplayer and with friends in hosted sessions or official/community servers.

Currently there is one official server with PvP setting. But when you or a friend hosts a server you can choose between the following options:

  • PvP
  • PvE
  • PvPvE
  • RP PvP
  • RP PvE
  • RP PvPvE

In the future, PvPvE servers will allow a player chosen setting. For now they count as PvP servers.

RP sets the focus on roleplay, a fully playerbased situation with no further impact on the PvX setting.

For hosts, basic admin commands are implemented in the playerlist. You can set a player to moderator or ban them from the server. Both settings can be removed aswell.


As mentioned in the Character Creation section, your dragons are saved on the server side, which means that you cannot use SP characters on a server and the other way around unless you copy and paste them over to the desired server. This does only copy the appearance and not the progress.

Talking about progess, only the level is saved currently. So if you collect items, craft stashes and even place them down, for now, all this will despawn once you log out.

You can still pose with your reinforced Stash III if you want B)

Current controls

Most common controls:

Draconia Beginners Guide
  • Walk: W A S D
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Crouch: Ctrl
  • Sprint: Shift
  • Fly: F
  • Interact: E or E+Left Click


  • Primary attack: Left Click
  • Secondary attack: Right Click

Little extras:

  • Roaring: V
  • Resting: H
  • Sleeping: J
  • Inventory : I
  • Nightvision: N
  • Photo Mode: P
  • Sniffing: hold Q
  • Free look: hold Alt (flight and walking)
  • Playerlist: F1 (includes admin controlls)
  • Carry babies: E on Player to notify Player Uber Driver has arrived (requires players to accept)

Final words

Since I find it a little tricky to get to the important places, I’ll drop you the important links:

When joining their Discord server, make sure to take a look at the #info and #faq channels.

While the team can be supported via Patreon to grab a key, now that the EA release has been officially announced on Discord for this year, I’m leaving this one out.

Only the key tiers will be removed from the Patreon. Cheaper subscriptions will continue and it was left open whether old subscriptions will return or new ones will be added.

I hope this guide could help you out and prepare you a little bit and promise to keep this guide updated with infos on what you can expect when you decide to support the team!

I personally love the project and watching it grow more and more into a finished product. It has a long way ahead though, but since the devs put all their love and coffee into it we will see more content in the future.

Here you find my other guides mentioned before:

Thank you for your time and stay hydrated! 🙂

Draconia Beginners Guide
Draconia Beginners Guide
Draconia Beginners Guide
Draconia Beginners Guide

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Draconia Beginners Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Datlen Ohana. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.