Double Cross DMZ Mission Guide



    Double Cross is a Tier 3 mission for the Redacted faction in Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ. This mission includes three tasks that challenge you to kill Commander Bomb Maker on Ashika Island and deliver his weapon to any Dead Drop on the map.

    Double DMZ Cross Mission

    • Kill the bomb maker.
    • Take your crossbow.
    • Dead Drop the Crossbow at any Dead Drop on Ashika Island.

    How to kill the bomb maker in DMZ

    The Bomb Maker can be found inside the Tsuki Castle Hideout in the center of the island of Ashika. The high security building is locked and can be opened with its key or by hacking the Wheelson that protects its facilities. Enter the building and carefully make your way to the top floor to kill the bomb maker. It will drop a crossbow that you need to pick up and deliver to any Dead Drop Dumpster on the map.

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    Where to drop the crossbow on Ashika Island

    There are a total of four Dead Drops on the Ashika Island map, and you can drop the Bombmaker’s Crossbow in any of these dumpsters:

    1. residential standoff
    2. dead center city center
    3. beach club dead drop
    4. dead fall of the waterways

    The reward for completing the Double Cross quest includes the Research Center Room Key, which you can use to unlock an enclosed space within the Science Center building. However, you must save this key if you have not already done so. Toxin Research quest for Tier 4 White Lotus.

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