Doctor Fate’s Ultimate Battle in Black Adam Could Set the Stage for Other DCEU Heroes


The following article contains spoilers for black adamin theaters October 21.

During the course of black adamDoctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan) voice guides the team. An old friend of Hawkman’s (Aldris Hodge) and committed to finding a way to resolve the battle with Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) with as little harm as possible to the people of Kahndaq, Doctor Fate is ultimately one of the biggest casualties. from the movie: as he finally holds the line against Sabbac (Marwan Kenzari) at the cost of his own life.

Notably, however, Nabu’s Helmet disappears at the end of the film, and the history of the mystical artifact in the original DC Comics suggests there could soon be another champion of Order in the near future for the DC Extended Universe. But who could potentially take up the mantle in his place? Here are all the other notable Doctor Fates from DC history who could make their DCEU debut as the next Doctor Fate.

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Eric and Linda Strauss teamed up to create Doctor Fate

Eric and Linda were featured on destiny doctor #1 (by JM DeMatteis and Keith Giffen), which debuted the character in the Post-Crisis DC Universe. Originally a boy and stepmother to him, Eric and Linda were chosen as champions of the Lords of Order, granting them the ability to effectively merge into Doctor Fate. Working together for a time, Eric came of age for the mission and the two ended up developing romantic feelings for each other.

But that twist made it even more tragic when Eric was killed as a result of a mission on Apokolips. Linda took over as Doctor Fate (serving alongside the Justice League) until she died in battle against the Lords of Chaos, only for her and Eric to be reincarnated and given a new chance at life. Eric and Linda’s unique history makes them unlikely to make it to the big screen, but their unique tenure as Doctor Fate saw them even join the Justice League.

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Inza Cramer-Nelson was the wife of Doctor Fate

Inza debuted in the 1940s. more funny comics #55 (by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman). The original love interest of Kent Nelson, Inza eventually married the hero and spent decades with him in the Tower of Fate, immune to the effects of aging due to her husband’s magical duties. When they aged back to her natural forms and were briefly killed, a resurrection restored her and Kent. But the process inadvertently meant that only Inza could become Doctor Fate, leaving her to assume the role her husband had previously used.

Inza became a very proactive Doctor Fate, working to raise a dilapidated neighborhood in New York City and eventually fighting alongside her husband in the field. Eventually, however, the events of Zero hour he saw them return to their natural ages, forcing them to retire. Inza could turn out to be a unique follow-up to Nelson’s disappearance in black adamas her history with Kent could give her plenty of reasons to find the Helm herself.

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Jared Stevens was a violent and aggressive version of Doctor Fate

John Francis More and Anthony Williams Destiny featured Jared Stevens, a small-time smuggler hired by the elderly Kent and Inza to locate Doctor Fate’s missing helmet, amulet, and cloak. Turning the artifacts into weapons, Stevens became a demon hunter named Fate. Resisting Nabu’s mission, Stevens acted more like an independent take on the concept, potentially hinting at how a future incarnation of Doctor Fate could be entirely different from the calmer Kent Nelson who appeared in black adam.

Fate was eventually killed by the villainous Mordu, only to briefly come back to life as one of the heroes resurrected for battle in Dark Nights: Death Metal. Fate stands out as a radically different approach to the concept of Doctor Fate and, as a result, is unlikely to be the next step in the character’s on-screen story. But if Doctor Fate becomes more of a legacy role, it would be interesting to see a version of Stevens appear in the future to subvert the story of the concept.

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Khalid Nassour, the current Doctor Fate

Khalid Nassour is the current Doctor Fate in the main DC Universe, and was introduced as part of the Post-Flash point DC Universe. An Egyptian-American medical student (and secretly the great-nephew of Kent Nelson), Khalid eventually became a student under Nelson’s tutelage. While Khalid is shown to be less confident with his mystical abilities than the other versions of Doctor Fate, he’s also shown to have a good heart – quietly playing Superman’s therapist and working alongside the Justice League Dark to take on some pretty dangerous threats. like the man upside down.

Of all the possible future versions of Doctor Fate for the DCEU, Khalid could potentially be the most exciting next step for Doctor Fate on the big screen. His young hero status might make him an easy partner for Cyclone and Atom Smasher, and his relationship with Kent provides an easy reason to establish his connection to the past, similar to Atom Smasher’s approach from the movie. Khalid could become an ideal next generation of the mystical icon’s legacy.

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