Do you want a cursed monkey paw plush with Phasmophobia? They are now on sale (for a limited time)


    As part of their surprise news about Phasmophobia’s upcoming Eventide update, Kinetic Games also revealed that they have collaborated with Makeship on a new piece of special merchandise. For those who would like to have a Cursed Monkey Paw plush on their shelf (but hopefully not use it), now is the time to get one. But you’ll want to be quick, as it’s only available for a limited time.

    Phasmophobia Cursed Monkey Paw plush available for a limited time

    Image via Kinetic Games

    While Phasmophobia’s Eventide update is now officially around the corner, ghost hunters also have a golden opportunity to get their hands on a limited edition Cursed Monkey Paw plush. Courtesy of Kinetic Games’ latest collaborative campaign with Makeship, the eerily cute plushie resembles the game’s actual cursed item that players can use to make three wishes. Of course, those desires may not provide what you want.

    The Cursed Monkey Paw plush is now available for purchase through Makeship’s. product page for a modest $29.99 and apparently ships worldwide. However, the time of ordering is VERY limited, according to the countdown timer at the top of the page, this item will only be available for three more days. So if you’re debating whether to claim one for yourself, you’ll need to decide quickly before time (and sanity) runs out.

    For those who order a Cursed Monkey Paw plush, it will ship in September.

    This is the second merchandise collaboration Kinetic Games has done with Makeship for Phasmophobia, as last year they did one for a special Voodoo Doll plush, which is another cursed item in the game. Sales of that item exceeded expectations, and the same may very well happen here. It’s a great opportunity to get authentic Phasmophobia products, which are very difficult to find.

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