Do footprints count as fingerprints in Phasmophobia?


    With ghost activity constantly on the horizon, knowing the difference between ghost tracks and fingerprints is often a good indicator of safety in Phasmophobia. For example, knowledge might help you determine if it’s okay to explore a bit or if you should run away. But if you’re working on a target with fingerprints involved, will the prints be counted? Let’s find out.

    Are footprints the same as fingerprints in Phasmophobia?

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    If you are looking to complete an objective that involves the capture of fingerprints, footprints won’t count. However, traces are not completely useless. Although they won’t count toward finding fingerprints, you can still use them to tell what room the ghost is in, what kind of entity they’re dealing with, and where they are on the map.

    How to find footprints

    To see the footprints, you will need to place salt on the ground, and if the ghost is close, you will see footprints. This can also come in handy when trying to identify the ghost, as some of Phasmophobia’s Most Wanted can hover, allowing you to take out those that do if you find footsteps or vice versa.

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    How to find fingerprints

    Fingerprints can be found when a ghost interacts with an object and can only be seen under ultraviolet light. Fingerprints can usually be found on walls, windows, doors, and anything the ghost interacts with. After the ghost interacts with the object, you’ll need to shine your UV light on it and voila, fingerprints! However, speed is key, as these fingerprints only last for about 60 seconds.

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