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    With the Season 5 update, players can attempt new missions available for the Shadow Company faction. One of the Tier 1 missions for the faction, Wings Clipped, tasks players to deploy into Ashika Island and destroy reinforcement choppers. In this guide, I’ve shown the best way to complete this mission.

    DMZ Wings Clipped Mission

    • Kill 3 reinforcement helicopters in Ashika Island.

    Two types of reinforcement helicopters spawn on the Ashika Island map, both of which you can see in the images above. You need to destroy any three reinforcement helicopters to complete the mission.

    How to force reinforcement helicopters to spawn in DMZ

    This mission will take a lot of your time if you just keep waiting for the reinforcement helicopters to spawn into the DMZ. To trigger the game to send reinforcement helicopters your way, you can do a few things:

    • Go to a SAM Site and start capturing it by pressing the button. Soon an AI chopper will arrive.
    • If you come across a safe, start drilling it to call in a reinforcement helicopter.
    • Even wiping out enemy soldiers in an area will trigger the chopper’s arrival.

    I prefer the first method of capturing a SAM Site to force a reinforcement helicopter to appear. That’s because once you’ve captured the SAM Site, it’ll automatically shoot down the reinforcement helicopter for you. You will not even have to put any more effort toward the Wings Clipped mission.

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    How to easily kill reinforcement helicopters in DMZ

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Now, the best weapons to take out reinforcement helicopters are Launchers, preferably RPG-7 or Strela-P as they’re easier to operate. You can add a Launcher to your insured weapon slot and then equip it as your loadout weapon. Alternatively, just check your contraband stash if you have a launcher that you can use.

    You can disable a reinforcement helicopter in three hits from your Launcher. After that, the chopper will be automatically destroyed in a few seconds before leaving the DMZ. You can shoot a reinforcement helicopter down using guns, but it’ll take several magazines and a lot of time.

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