DMZ Self-Revive Box – How they work and where to find one


    The Season 5 update for Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ added some cool new features to the gameplay. Besides Disguise and Scuba Mask, the patch also introduced a new field upgrade called Self-Revive Box. In this guide, you’ll find out how this equipment works and the best place to find it.

    How to use a Self-Revive Box in DMZ

    The Self-Revive Kit is a field upgrade that allows you and your team to acquire a Self-Revive Kit. It looks and works just like the Munitions Box and Armor Box. Equip it in your field upgrade slot and press the input to throw it down. Press the interact button to Take Self Revive. Each teammate gets one Self-Revive Kit from a Self-Revive Box. If you already have one equipped, the extra kit will be automatically added to your empty backpack slot.

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    Where to find Self-Revive Box in DMZ

    Self-Revive Boxes are rare items that don’t spawn as often as the other field upgrades in DMZ. Nonetheless, they are certain locations where there’s a high chance of you finding this equipment. When in Al Mazrah, I suggest you check the hospitals as they’re the best place to visit if you’re looking for a Self-Revive Box.

    Below is a list of hospitals in Al Mazrah and you can also see their exact location on the map above:

    • Hospital west of Rohan Oil (C3): Situated next to the gas station in the village between the Rohan Oil facility and Al Safwa Quarry.
    • Al Mazrah City Hospital (F4): Located in the southern part of the city, this Medical Center building is situated next to the Downtown Post Office and a gas station.
    • Hospital east of Mawizeh Marshalands (H5): Situated in the small town on the eastern edge of the map.
    • Hospital east of Akhdar Village (H5): This building can be found in the village north of Al-Malik Airport and southeast of the Al Sharim Pass hilltop.
    • Sa’id City Hospital (D6): Located by the river next to the Al Sa’id Shopping Center.
    • Sawah Village Hospital (D8): The last Hosptial building is situated next to the sunken ship in the flooded town of Sawah Village.

    You can also check out the medical tents to see if they have any Self-Revive Box. Also, check first aid kits and medicine cabinets, two common loot caches found in almost every building in the DMZ.

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