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    In Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ, Missile Transports is one of the Tier 2 missions for the Shadow Company faction. It’s a tedious mission that tasks you to plant beacons at two newly discovered missiles across Al Mazrah. If you’re having trouble finding the second missile, fret not as I’ve explained exactly how to do so in this guide.

    DMZ Missile Transports Mission

    • Locate the remaining missiles using the transportation plans from the Konni Ship in one deployment.
    • Take the 2 IR Beacons from the Zaya Observatory dead drop and plant 1 near the first missile.
    • Plant 1 IR Beacon at the second missile.

    Konni Ship Location

    You may remember completing the Tier 1 story mission for Shadow Company called Unregistered Cargo. The ship where you disarmed the missile is the same vessel you need to visit for this mission. To remind you of its location, the Konni Ship is situated in the sea to the south of Al-Malik Airport.

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    Where to find the transportation plans

    Make your way to the anchored ship and head to the top of the bridge tower killing any AI soldiers in your path. There you’ll find the Missile Transportation Plans on the shelves I’ve shown in the image. Stow the transportation plans and open your backpack to read the document. It mentions the location of the first missile situated in Al Samam Cemetary, but first, you need to get the IR Beacons.

    Where to get the IR Beacons

    Head over to the Zaya Observatory dead drop, the exact location of which I’ve marked on the map above. Open the dumpster and stow the IR Beacon into your backpack. Make sure you have two empty slots to carry the IR Beacons.

    Where to find the two missiles

    The first missile you need to visit for this mission can always be found in Al Sammam Cemetery. On the other hand, the second missile appears randomly at one of the few spawn points. Firstly, approach the missile at the center of the cemetery and press the interact button when the Place IR Beacon prompt pops up.

    Plant 1 IR Beacon at the second missile

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    The direction to find the second missile, which spawns randomly on the map, is written on the note attached to the first missile container (see image). The information changes every match so you may not get the same direction as me. Therefore, it’s imperative you read the note carefully and look for the second missile at the location described.

    The second missile for me was in farms southeast of Al Sharim Pass. If you get the same location for the second missile, head to the location I’ve marked on the map above and place the IR Beacon on the missile as you did before.

    Here are some other possible spawn points for the second missile that players have reported:

    1. Near the Sa’id football stadium (Sa’id City)
    2. North of the marsh (Mawizeh Marshlands)
    3. North of the cave complex (Sattiq Cave Complex)

    Stay tuned to MyFullGames for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 content. In the meantime, head over to our article on DMZ Wings Clipped Mission Guide.



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