DMZ Flight Hazard Mission Guide



    Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ Season 3 introduced the new Heavy Chopper air vehicle to the game. The Flight Hazard mission for the Tier 2 Redacted faction tasks you with acquiring the fuel for this bird and then extracting it by flying it out of the exclusion zone.

    DMZ flight risk mission

    • Get special fuel for heavy helicopters.
    • Refuel the Heavy Helicopter.
    • Exfiltrate using the Heavy Chopper.

    How to acquire special fuel for heavy helicopters in the DMZ

    Heavy Chopper can only be operated if you first refuel it with the Heavy Chopper fuel. This green gas can is a rare item that can be obtained from the following locations in Al Mazrah:

    • cargo train: Often placed on top of wooden crates in the middle carriages of the train.
    • Al Malik Airport: Search for this item within the aircraft hangars by the Control Tower.
    • smuggling tunnels: Players have also found the fuel for heavy helicopters inside this underground network of caves near the Zarqwa Hydroelectric.

    Where to find the Heavy Helicopter in DMZ

    Generally, only one Heavy Chopper appears in Al Mazrah per game. It usually spawns in the heliport near the port of Hafid. Sometimes it also appears in the runway at al malik airport and the Skyscrapers in the city of Al Mazrah. Get to the helicopter as soon as you get the special fuel, as other teams may be doing the same mission.

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    How to refuel the heavy helicopter in DMZ

    Enter the Heavy Helicopter and go to the cockpit, where you will get the heavy helicopter pilot indicator. Press the interaction input and take the bird pilot’s seat. Now, open your backpack and resupply the vehicle by selecting the Heavy Chopper Fuel you purchased earlier.

    How to exfiltrate using the Heavy Chopper in DMZ

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    For the final task in the Flight Risk mission, you simply need blow the Heavy Chopper off the map to exfiltrate. The moment you go out of bounds as shown in the image, the successful exfiltration screen will appear. Don’t forget to use this extraction technique to get out of the DMZ every time you acquire the special fuel.

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