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    Courier is a Tier 2 Shadow Company faction mission in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ. The mission challenges you to make deliveries to three closely situated dead drops in Al Mazrah within a limited time. One of the tasks of this mission also tasks you to try out the new Dirt Bike vehicle in DMZ.

    DMZ Courier Mission

    • Take the laptop from the Hydroelectric dead drop.
    • Acquire a Dirt Bike (can be done separately).
    • Deliver the same laptop to the Zaya Observatory, Akhdar, and Al Sharim Pass dead drops within 3 minutes of the first delivery.
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    In the above map, the green marker denotes the Hydroelectric dea drop from where you need to pick up the laptop to complete the first task. The yellow markers show the three dead drops where you need to deliver the same laptop. Although the second step says to acquire a Dirt Bike, it’s not necessary and you can take whatever vehicle you find nearby. This part can be done later on.

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    Hydroelectric Dead Drop location

    You can find this dead drop behind the gas station in Zarqwa Hydroelectric POI in central Al Mazrah. Open the dumpster and stow the Building 21 Laptop to complete the first step in the Courier mission. Now grab a vehicle if possible and head straight to Mt. Zaya to your southeast.

    Zaya Observatory Dead Drop location

    Head to the location I’ve marked on the map and there you’ll find the Zaya Observatory dead drop. Open the dumpster, deposit the Building 21 Laptop into the dead drop, and then immediately stow it back into your backpack. Don’t close the dumpster after delivering the laptop as it may disappear. Right when you put the laptop into the dead drop, the three-minute timer for the mission will begin. Fret not as this is more than enough time to make it to the next two dead drops, even if you don’t have a vehicle.

    Akhdar Dead Drop location

    Jump off the cliff of Zaya Observatory towards the Akhdar Village POI to your southeast. Using your parachute, glide over to the location marked on the map above, next to the Akhdar statue. Land next to the dead drop shown in the second image and do the same thing with the laptop you did earlier. Put it into the dead drop and pick it back up immediately.

    Al Sharim Pass Dead Drop location

    After the second delivery, you need to head northeast to the Al Sharim Pass mountain. You can take a vehicle or just run up the hill, either should work even if you have about a minute left. You’ll find the dead drop at the marked location behind one of the houses. Deliver the Building 21 Laptop into the dead drop and pick it back up to complete the third task in the mission.

    Where to find the Dirt Bike

    Now, all you have to do is commandeer the Dirt Bike vehicle for the second task and subsequently complete the Courier mission. This vehicle is represented by a special icon on the tac map that I’ve shown in the image above. Drive around a bit on the Dirt Bike and the mission will be over.

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