Disney Dreamlight Valley Egg Locations – Wild Spring Eggs & Eggcellent Fruit


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    In the Disney Dreamlight Valley Easter Eggstravaganza 2023 event, players collect eggs to complete tasks and earn rewards. There are three types of eggs to find: Egg-cellent Fruit, Wild Spring Eggs, and Spring V-EGG-etable Eggs. Here is everything you need to know about how to get Wild Spring Eggs and Eggcellent Fruit in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

    Where to Find Wild Spring Eggs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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    Wild Spring Eggs are the easiest type of egg to get in the Eggstravaganza event, as they randomly spawn about him floor. they are Light Blue in color and can be found on the floor through several different biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They appear randomly, so there no location set to find them. When you see one, simply pick it up to add it to your inventory.

    In the Easter event, you will use Wild Spring Eggs to complete tasks, including Spring Taste Test and That’s Not Where Eggs Come From. You also use one to cook the bowl of spring eggs and Spring mimosa eggs recipes, both added in the Pride of the Valley update.

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    Where to Find Egg-cellent Fruit in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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    Like Wild Spring Eggs, Eggcellent Fruit is a random spawn in your valley, though not on earth. Instead, you’ll find them at shrubbery throughout your biomes and have a chance to spawn wherever your bushes are.

    Unless you have moved them, you can find your bushes in the Square, peaceful meadow, stunning beach, Forest of Valor, icy heightsand forgotten lands. Don’t forget to bring a foraging buddy with you when you choose the pink Excellent fruit for a chance to receive extra!

    In the Easter event, Eggcellent Fruit is used to complete tasks and is also part of bowl of spring eggs and Spring mimosa eggs recipes, so be sure to stock up on them whenever you see them.

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