Ding Dong XL Gameplay And Strategy To Unlock Circles And Songs


Unlock new ding-dong circles and New Songs!

Get Achievements by earning points and unlocking new circles!


Note: At the end of each game, your points are added to your unlock points and your score is reset, so you’ll start each new game with 0 points.

Strategy and Gameplay


You start with one circle, either the first, bluish or cyan circle or another you’ve unlocked with points you’ve earned from playing. This is the only circle, or “life”, you have! If it hits something or grows too big and explodes, it’s GAME OVER!

Each game’s points are added to the total number of unlock points you have so you can unlock circles of different colors, different shapes, and with different effects. When you gather enough points to unlock a new circle or shape, you can select that shape on the selection screen and then choose UNLOCK.

If you’ve unlocked a new circle color or picture with your accumulated points, you can play with that color or picture as your circle!

I’m not completely sure, but some circles seem to be faster than others… I know some cause other effects on the display. ALL (?) circles or pictures that cost 500 points to unlock will unlock new music that will play whenever you use that circle to play!

Each time you press the key you’ve bound to ding-dong OR button A on an X-Input gamepad like an Xbox gamepad (or equivalent for another controller) OR the Spacebar OR the left mouse button and let go, the circle moves from the top of the screen to the bottom or the bottom of the screen to the top, making a ding-dong sound (when leaving the launchpad (DING!) and then landing on the opposing landing pad (DONG!)) and increasing your score by one point if it reaches the opposite side without hitting anything.

VERY IMPORTANT STRATEGY which May take time to get used to:

Although you need only one button on the keyboard or gamepad or mouse to play this great game (excellent for those who don’t have both hands with many fingers use for playing!), whether or not you’re holding the button when it is sitting on a launchpad either at the top or the bottom, the ball will not move. In order to release it, you have to let go of (release) the button. That means for a quick launch, you’ll have to press and release as quickly as you can!

If the circle is not in motion, it will slowly grow in size. As your score increases, so does the speed of the circle’s growth! A big circle is bad because it is harder to send from one side to the other without hitting something, especially as time passes! Even when the ball’s “safe” on its launchpad, if it is big enough that a passing shape touches it while moving past, the game will end and your accrued points will be added to your redemption points. Time to start a new game with 0 points!


Certain other rules apply during INFINITE games (in the game selection menu, choose the infinity symbol), because your circle is always in motion upward and increasing in size until you press the button to switch the ball’s direction. That will shrink the ball to its original size, but be careful! The jagged edge at the bottom of the screen will end your game as quickly as hitting any of the shapes moving past from side to side!

You earn points in INFINITE mode based on rules I am unclear on.

  • (Adam, can you please tell me what the points earned in INFINITE mode are based on? What does the multiplier at the end of the game indicate?
  • Also, are there any “circles” that change the game in any way (faster moving? more durable? Which ones have which effects?), or are they only skins with no gameplay effects? Do ALL the 500-point unlocks also unlock a new song in addition to any other effects they unlock, or are the different visual effects and different songs mutually exclusive?)
  • If you would please answer those questions, Adam, I’ll be VERY grateful. I’ll indicate which of those possibilities is accurate without spoilers or as secret anything you’d rather I not reveal. Thank you very much!

The way I’m sure to gain points in INFINITE mode is by letting your circle pass through the slightly-translucent horizontal lines coming from the top of the screen at regular intervals, each of which will earn you one point.

Your button in INFINITE mode changes the direction of your “circle” so you can avoid the shapes from the sides or grab powerups, etc. It can be challenging at times because the circle changes direction when you RELEASE the button, just like in regular mode.

Changing directions between up and down also shrinks your ball to original size, without which it gets bigger and bigger.

The “back” button: for use in menus, you can press Esc or B on the gamepad or the Right mouse button to move back to the previous menu.

During a game, Esc or the right arrow (Xbox 360) or equivalent right-side center button on a gamepad (above the right analog stick) will PAUSE the game and slow the music’s playback speed, making it lower-pitched and reducing the tempo. What fun, especially if you need a break for a minute or two!

Extra Points! Powerups!


Whenever your circle passes very close to a shape on the screen, the shape will disappear and you will get a bonus point! This also works if a shape is close to your launch pad and your circle is not too big; when it passes you, it will disappear and add +1 to your score!


Various powerups will cross the screen with the squares and spinners and other shapes. Grab them when you pass—If your circle passes through one, you get that powerup for however long it lasts!

(The time remaining is shown in the center of the screen, over the background but behind everything else.)

BOMB: There’s a BOMB powerup that will destroy all objects on the screen so you can ding-dong-ding as fast as you can until the time runs out and get some extra points.

TIMER: There’s a powerup which looks like an analog clock which will slow down the objects moving horizontally, giving you extra time to bounce back and forth and earn points! Sometimes this powerup can be annoying, though, if there are a lot of things in the way of your circle.

INVINCIBILITY?: This powerup will speed up your circle a little bit and allow you to move up and down at will without regard for the shapes in the center. If your circle touches any of them, they will be destroyed and you will be safe (until the timer runs out)!

POINTS: This powerup is powerful because it gives you +5 points when your circle touches it!

(Are there any I’ve missed? Comment below if you have more to add. As far as I know, any I’ve listed here also apply to INFINITE mode, and strategies and rules apply to PvP / 2-player mode.)

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Ding Dong XL Gameplay And Strategy To Unlock Circles And Songs that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

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