The following article accommodates spoilers for Digimon Ghost Game Episode 43, “Red Eye,” streaming now on Crunchyroll.

Although most episodes finish peacefully, Digimon Ghost Game has integrated many actually creepy and disturbing creatures and supernatural legends, combining Digimon with surprising folklore roots all through the sequence’ run. While Ghost Game has integrated physique horror up to now, Episode 43 “Red Eye” concerned a number of the sequence’ most ugly transformations but.

In this episode, a Digimon referred to as Eyesmon brought on a number of purple eyes to seem throughout the our bodies of his victims, and he used these eyes to realize extra info and develop in energy. Eyesmon’s folklore roots in yōkai tales showcased how the writers of Ghost Game tailored an outdated folklore legend in an much more ugly style to current a parable about info stealing within the fashionable technological period.

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Digimon Ghost Game’s Eyesmon Parallels the Legendary Yokai Dodomeki

In the “Hiro’s Study Files” phase of the episode, Ruli Tsukiyono revealed that Eyesmon had similarities to the yōkai Dodomeki. Author Toriyama Sekien catalogued a number of yōkai legends in a four-volume encyclopedia again within the 18th Century, explaining that the Dodomeki was a long-armed younger girl thief who was punished for her crimes by the looks of 100 birds’ eyes on her arms. As Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt defined in Japandemonium Illustrated: The Yokai Encyclopedias of Toriyama Sekien, “Bird’s eye—chōmoku—was slang for money in Sekien’s era, as copper coins were minted with a hole in their centers.” Therefore, the additional birds’ eyes had been intrinsically associated to Dodomeki’s crime of theft.

In distinction to the legend, Eyesmon’s hosts weren’t simply girls, however the episode nonetheless makes use of the proliferation of eyes to signify Eyesmon’s hosts’ need to “steal” info from the folks round them for their very own revenue and achieve. Some of the victims could have initially been in search of info for an excellent trigger. For instance, the primary sufferer proven on display was a girl decided to find if one other programmer was really spreading pc viruses. Still, beneath Eyesmon’s affect, she grew to become singularly centered on trying into each programmer’s historical past to find out whether or not they had been committing cyber crimes, no matter their guilt.

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However, most of the hosts had been trying to collect info for much less noble causes. Emma Hanes, Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai’s frenemy and love curiosity, traveled to Japan explicitly as a result of she needed to find what he was hiding from her. She had already uncovered Kiyoshiro’s secret journal of tales about himself as a hero on-line earlier than, and Kiyoshiro’s assumption was that she needed to launch extra of his secrets and techniques. Another host needed to realize info on celebrities to extend her personal public profile. Most chillingly, one of many hosts, a police officer, was utilizing his additional eyes to spy on a younger girl for unknown causes. Eyesmon amplified his hosts’ need for info, twisting it into way more harmful invasions of privateness to point out how humanity might be its personal worst enemy.

While Dodomeki solely grew the eyes on her arms, in Digimon Ghost Game, Eyesmon’s hosts as an alternative gained additional eyes throughout their our bodies, making their transformations way more ugly. When Emma Hanes was chosen by Eyesmon, the episode confirmed him plucking out her eyes and changing them with a pair of his purple ones, albeit in a cold style. As Eyesmon’s hosts gained extra info, extra eyes appeared. Eventually, the additional eyes began peeling away from the physique, leaving their host to crumble. Thus, Digimon Ghost Game took Dodomeki’s transformation to a better excessive, making it way more harmful for the hosts.

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Episode 43 Adapts the Dodomeki Legend Into a Lesson on Information Stealing

Eyesmon primarily stayed within the shadows all through Episode 43. He additionally saved his victims in metaphorical shadows, wiping their reminiscences of the eyes after they began to query their look or fear concerning the ramifications of additional eyes. Once the crew pressured Eyesmon to seem, his precise look was extra draconic since he’s a darkish dragon kind. Once defeated, Eyesmon was diminished to a tiny, birdlike creature, powerless with out his hosts to feed him extra information. Eyesmon’s look gives an avian connection to the Dodomeki yōkai and her further eyes’ particular chicken’s eye origins, even when the episode didn’t give attention to the cash side of the legend.

Overall, “Red Eye” offered a powerful adaptation of the Dodomeki legend for at this time’s expertise, specializing in info because the true forex. While Emma appeared to have turned over a brand new leaf and can hold the crew’s secrets and techniques, the remainder of the hosts had been left with restricted reminiscences of the eyes or Eyesmon’s affect on their actions.

Therefore, whereas Eyesmon has been defeated and contained, the circumstances for one more Eyesmon to thrive nonetheless exist as a consequence of elevated expertise and new methods to invade different folks’s privateness. Eyesmon confirmed how the Ghost Game writers have tailored outdated legends to suit new instances all through the sequence and can proceed to increase on outdated legends because the crew meets extra Digimon within the human world.

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