Digimon Ghost Game Shows the Dark Side of Digimon Frontier’s Main Feature


This article accommodates spoilers for Digimon Ghost Game by way of Episode 47 “Memory of Eternity”, streaming now on Crunchyroll.

Throughout Digimon Ghost Game, the strains between Digimon and people have continued to blur. Episode 47, “Memory of Eternity”, centered on Shadramon’s determined wrestle to retain his recollections when he died. Nanomon took benefit of Shadramon’s fears and used him as an experiment to see if fusing a Digimon’s recollections with a human might enable the Digimon to reform and stay on with their recollections intact. The experiment failed, and Shadramon in the end died and have become a digitama as soon as extra.

However, fusion between people and Digimon has been attainable earlier than within the Digimon franchise. In Digimon Frontier, as an alternative of getting Digimon companions, the primary protagonists as an alternative fused with the spirits of historic Digimon heroes to battle to save lots of the Digital world. Comparing the fusions in Digimon Frontier to Nanomon’s experiments in Digimon Ghost Game reveals that consent and a shared function contributed to Digimon Frontier’s fusion success, and the absence of those key components led to Nanomon’s failure.

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In Digimon Frontier, the DigiDestined Chose Fusion with Ancient Digimon

Digimon Frontier started with a number of individuals receiving unusual messages on their cell telephones directing them towards a mysterious practice that took them to the Digital world. Once there, Takuya Kanbara, Koji Minamoto, Izumi Orimoto, Junpei Shibayama and Tomoki Himi discovered that there have been historic Digimon spirits that different Digimon appeared intent on destroying. To shield these spirits and themselves, the DigiDestined selected to fuse with these spirits, enabling them to battle no matter risks the Digital World threw their manner.

It is essential to notice that the Digidestined weren’t knowledgeable of the total scope of those spirits’ pasts nor the total expectations for them as they took on the function of Digidestined. Still, normally, the youngsters actively selected to fuse into these new types. Also, these fusions had been solely non permanent. Once the hazard had handed, every little one might remodel again into their human kind. Therefore, the connection between the DigiDestined and these Ancient spirits was extra mutually helpful. The spirits gave the youngsters the flexibility to battle and shield themselves, and in flip, the DigiDestined helped these spirits shield the Digital world and make it possible for the spirits’ historic enemies couldn’t wreak havoc as soon as extra.

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In distinction to Digimon Frontier’s fusions between Digimon and people, Nanomon’s experiments lacked any type of consent from his topics on Digimon Ghost Game. When he first got here throughout Shadramon’s dying kind, Nanomon did ask Shadramon if he might protect Shadramon’s recollections. While Shadramon agreed, Nanomon by no means defined how he would attempt to protect these recollections. So, whereas Shadramon technically gave his consent in a second of desperation, Shadramon was not knowledgeable of what Nanomon’s experiments would truly entail.

Once Nanomon created a reminiscence seed utilizing Shadramon’s dying knowledge, Nanomon implanted that seed within the sleeping physique of Tamotsu, Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai’s good friend and fellow researcher. Tamotsu was not even conscious of the existence of Digimon or the Digital world on the time. When random elements of Shadramon started showing on Tamotsu’s physique, he was understandably horrified and upset. Nanomon’s actions proved that Nanomon didn’t care about Tamotsu in any respect. Furthermore, Nanomon seen all people as merely attainable vitality conductors for his experiments.

However, Nanomon additionally confirmed little take care of different Digimon, both. While Shadramon wished the possibility to maintain his recollections, he by no means agreed to fusion with a human, both. The course of additionally was horrifying for him, too. However, Shadramon did take out his horror on Tamotsu, threatening Tamotsu when Tamotsu wished to ask for assist. Shadramon’s desperation doesn’t excuse the truth that he additionally used Tamotsu and in addition took management of their shared physique with out Tamotsu’s consent. Overall, Nanomon’s experiment lacked consent on all ranges, making his work a stark distinction to Digimon Frontier’s give attention to mutually helpful fusions.

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Tamotsu and Shadramon’s Fusion Was Deadly

Nanomon acted with none true take care of both Shadramon or Tamotsu, and the outcomes of his experimentation had been horrifying. As Shadramon’s kind grew stronger, he and Tamotsu grew to become a literal chimera of human and Digimon elements, and neither was more likely to actually survive the fusion. Still, Nanomon wished to proceed his experiment to collect knowledge from Shadramon and Tamotsu’s deaths in order that he might in the end obtain everlasting life for himself. Thus, not like the mutually helpful objectives of Digimon Frontier’s fusions, Nanomon was working just for himself and didn’t care who was damage within the course of. Nanomon took management of his chimeric creation to forestall the staff from interfering. TeslaJellymon and Kiyoshiro’s fast considering helped separate Nanomon from Tamotsu and Shadramon, reducing off Nanomon’s affect on them.

Jellymon in Thetismon kind was capable of separate Shadramon from Tamotsu, however she couldn’t save them each. While Tamotsu was capable of heal again to regular, Shadramon disintegrated. Shadramon’s worst concern got here true; he misplaced his recollections of his previous life although he in the end was reborn right into a digitama. Although Shadramon was launched to the sequence whereas dying and his finish appeared inevitable, his demise nonetheless holds emotional weight because the episode emphasised his concern and desperation all through. Nanomon’s experiments had been even worse partially as a result of they gave Shadramon false hope for survival as an alternative of serving to Shadramon make peace together with his rebirth into a brand new life.

Thus, Nanomon’s experiments failed partially as a result of he didn’t acquire express consent, and Tamotsu and Shadramon lacked any connection or shared function. However, his efforts might have been doomed to failure regardless. Unlike Digimon Frontier, the place the spirits of historic Digimon lived on, within the Digital world of Digimon Ghost Game, the sequence has emphasised over and over that after Digimon revert again to digitamas, they successfully die and as an alternative go on to stay a totally new life separate from their outdated one. Thus, Digimon’s lives carry extra weight total all through the sequence, making Ghost Game‘s emotional core even stronger.

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