The following article accommodates spoilers for Digimon Ghost Game Episode 43, “Red Eye,” streaming now on Crunchyroll.

Throughout Digimon Ghost Game, Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai’s creativeness has been one in every of his defining traits. While his creativeness often manifests in his fears, he has additionally been proven to take flights of fancy imagining himself within the worlds of his favourite anime and manga. With Episode 43, Ghost Game delved extra into Kiyoshiro’s previous; whereas he used to make use of the worlds of anime and manga as an escape, Kiyoshiro now could be a hero himself with associates who settle for him.

The extra joyous facet of his fandom and creativeness has been featured sporadically. In Episode 5 “Divine Anger,” Jellymon revealed that Kiyoshiro was a toddler prodigy who had already earned a grasp’s diploma by age 13. Thus, he has been attending center faculty once more, however not out of educational necessity; he wished to expertise Japanese faculty life as seen in his favourite collection. He has additionally cosplayed as his favourite fantasy characters, displaying his anime pursuits will not be simply in slice-of-life tales. The bandages Kiyoshiro has worn on his arm all through the collection may stem from an actual harm, however Jellymon has urged they merely are one other facet of Kiyoshiro’s cosplay and escape into fantasy worlds.

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Kiyoshiro’s Active Imagination Is Directly Tied to His Genius

While Jellymon initially believed that Kiyoshiro’s fandom was his important purpose for returning to Japan, Episode 43 of Ghost Game revealed one other potential trigger. When he was finding out overseas, Kiyoshiro grew to become associates or frenemies with Emma Hanes, a nosy woman with a need for secrets and techniques. Emma discovered Kiyoshiro’s secret diary the place he wrote about his fictional adventures as a hero, and printed it on-line. Kiyoshiro’s embarrassment over this reveal may need led him to return to Japan.

However, regardless of this previous humiliation over his secret fandoms, Kiyoshiro’s creativeness is instantly tied to his genius. Because he’s so good, he is ready to simply think about all types of potentialities for any state of affairs. At the start of Digimon Ghost Game, this means often manifested in changing into simply frightened by the probabilities for catastrophe. Whenever Kiyoshiro has gotten overwhelmed by knowledge up to now, he has entered an “Integer Overflow” state. This state has often been adopted by him reaching a “limit break” the place he pushes previous his worry to determine an answer. As the collection has progressed, Kiyoshiro has realized to face his fears and be counted on to assist save the day, solely falling into the “Integer Overflow” state in probably the most dire circumstances.

Kiyoshiro’s development has not meant leaving his creativeness behind; he nonetheless enjoys the identical anime and manga as earlier than. Instead, he has realized to channel his creativity into actual purposes. For instance, in Episode 18 “The Land of Children,” Kiyoshiro cosplayed as his favourite character from Magical Detective Elf to assist remedy a thriller. In Episode 29, “Monster Pollen,” a younger woman named Yuna mistook Kiyoshiro for Academic Genius from the anime Academic Busters. Even although he had not watched this anime but, Kiyoshiro nonetheless used the function to maintain Yuna calm regardless of being separated from her mom whereas Kudokugumon wreaked havoc on a mall.

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The Real Reason Emma Wanted More Information on Kiyoshiro

While the Ghost Game crew, largely Jellymon, might lightheartedly tease him typically about his fandom, for probably the most half, they settle for him for who he’s. Gammamon even fortunately watches Kiyoshiro’s anime with him, giving him extra neighborhood than he had earlier than. By Episode 43’s finish, Emma additionally appeared to disclose that her need for extra data on Kiyoshiro was not due to a plan to humiliate him; slightly, she wished to know his secrets and techniques as a result of she favored him.

While a crush doesn’t justify her previous actions, Emma’s personal arc confirmed that she now has turn into extra keen to maintain secrets and techniques, particularly vital ones. Since Kiyoshiro appeared keen to maneuver previous Emma’s humiliation of him, his neighborhood would possibly even have grown bigger.

Overall, “Red Eye” confirmed how far Kiyoshiro has come since his return to Japan and changing into a member of the Digimon Ghost Game crew. Because of the friendships he has made, Kiyoshiro has really turn into a hero of his personal story in his personal proper, no secret journals required. While the present typically makes use of him to poke mild enjoyable at anime and manga genres, Digimon Ghost Game in the end reveals that creativeness and tales can be utilized to assist kids discover their very own energy and company of their tales.

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