Diggle’s Arrowverse Spinoff Belongs within the Superman & Lois-Verse


Actor David Ramsey lately gave an replace concerning the John Diggle-led Justice U. According to the previous Arrow star, the collection remains to be very a lot within the works, with producers having simply employed a author to pen the second draft of the pilot script. This information led many followers to invest that the Arrowverse is not as lifeless because the upcoming finish of The Flash indicated. However, setting Justice U on Earth-Prime can be a mistake. For the collection to actually thrive, it will be higher off happening on the as-yet-unnamed Earth of Superman & Lois.

Despite sharing a number of characters and actors with the Arrowverse — together with Diggle — Superman & Lois established that it exists inside a separate continuity throughout its Season 2 finale “Waiting for Superman.” This revelation stunned many, however contemplating the quick dwindling variety of exhibits set on Earth-Prime, the collection’ creators had been good to make that transfer. Better to forge a brand new path than to linger in an empty shared universe. The producers of Justice U can be sensible to comply with that very same method for a variety of causes.

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With the conclusion of The Flash, there shall be no different Arrowverse-set collection. Should Justice U attempt to change that, it will have nobody left to share the universe with. Former stars may present up in visitor spots to assist maintain the Arrowverse alive, however there is no assure that the actors can be out there and even curious about doing so. With no legacy characters apart from Diggle himself to attach the collection to established historical past, Justice U may solely ever pay empty lip-service to the Arrowverse’s bigger continuity.

And Diggle’s story feels full. For two years following the top of Arrow, Diggle confirmed up on a number of collection, looking for solutions a few mysterious field he’d discovered and the complications it triggered. By the time his quest led him to Eobard Thawne on Lian Yu, he was determined and estranged from his household. He rejected the field and the cosmic energy it supplied to recommit himself to his spouse and youngsters. Unlike so many different Arrowverse characters, Diggle’s arc had a satisfying conclusion. Why destroy that when one other largely unexplored model of Diggle exists on the planet of Superman & Lois?

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Setting Justice U on the Earth populated by Superman & Lois additionally provides the collection a lot better narrative potential. Thus far, Superman is his world’s solely powered superhero. That makes it a clean slate for tales about metahumans. If Justice U is to comply with Diggle as he mentors a bunch of younger individuals with superpowers — perhaps together with survivors of Lt. Gen. Anderson’s ill-fated Supermen of America program — doing so on a planet the place such an prevalence is new would make for a extra thrilling story. Arrowverse Diggle would have a whole assortment of superhuman mates to seek the advice of whereas educating his younger costs. Superman & Lois‘ Diggle would solely have Superman to ask for recommendation. As each a dad and the world’s solely powered superhero, the Man of Steel is prone to be busy a lot of the time, which might drive Diggle to determine issues out for himself proper alongside the individuals he is making an attempt to show. This would each elevate Justice U’s stakes and supply it with a stronger emotional core.

Looking on the sharp drop within the variety of Arrowverse collection over the past 12 months, the truth that Justice U remains to be in improvement appears like a miracle. If the collection truly makes all of it the best way to the manufacturing stage, its creators will wish to do every part they will to provide it a shot at long-term survival. That means embracing change. The Arrowverse was very important to the creation of Justice U, however it will likely be gone quickly. To have any form of future, Justice U‘s finest guess is to hitch with Superman & Lois and create the brand new Superverse.

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