Diablo Immortal’s new Writhing Abyss update is here, complete with new endgame content


    But this is only for the truly brave among you…

    • Diablo Immortal’s new update, along with a host of new endgame content, is here.
    • Abyssal Verge and Erreban challenge you to form squads with up to four players for some serious challenges.
    • There’s also a new rune system and more!

    The new Diablo Immortal update is here, and for players hungry for endgame content, and those who feel like they’ve had the best the game has to offer, this is your taken The Writhing Abyss Brings all-new endgame content and modes that will challenge even the most experienced players.

    The star of the show is, of course, the new Abyssal Verge. In this new game mode, up to four players will travel through a misty portal world, slaying as many monsters as they go. But you have to keep moving forward, because a growing entity, the Breath of Fear, will always be at your heels.

    Before you can finish this mode you have to be in a safe zone which is described as the “Final Boss Encounter”.

    That’s not all, because if that’s not enough for you, there’s also Eribon. Groups of up to four players will race against time, collecting as many chests as possible while avoiding monsters and traps. As you travel through the castle, finding hidden chests, you eventually have the final chest spawn. After that, you have 30 seconds to get it and escape the castle. The only problem? An invincible boss is chasing you all the time.

    Losing is fun.

    Phew, well, if you’re a huge fan of Diablo Immortal then this will definitely be a big update. And if you’re the kind of masochist for whom the challenges are as difficult as they are fun, you’ll be thrilled to see all of these new additions. And we didn’t even get into the new rune system that’s meant to upgrade your gear to take on these new challenges.

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