Diablo Immortal Legendary Gem’s ‘Text Description Discrepancy’ Has Some Players Calling For Refunds


A legendary gem available for purchase in the ever-controversial Diablo Immortal had an error in its description, leading players to think its effect was better than it actually is. As broadcast by PCGamingNthe legendary gem Blessing of the Worthy had several effects, one of them being that whenever you are hit, you have a chance to deal damage to all nearby enemies, specifically up to 28% of your maximum Health.

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Reportedly, once players upgraded this gem to rank three, instead of “maximum”, the description changed to “current”, a marked degradation in its effect, as a player’s health will obviously tend to decrease at as the fight progresses. The difference is particularly detrimental to certain classes that are worse at avoiding enemy damage.


Recently, a community manager reached out to Diablo Immortal subreddit to clear up the confusion. Apparently, the legendary gem’s effect was always to deal damage based on the percentage of the player’s ability. Current Health. They stated that the term “maximum” in the description of the first two ranks of the gem was a typo and would be corrected later. They finished the post writing. “Thank you all for your patience while we create a solution to this issue.”

Fans weren’t satisfied, and understandably so, as this gem can be sold as part of a bundle in the in-game store for real money. In addition, the upgrade of the gem can also be paid. Although actual prices are covered by the veil of in-game currency, and packs often vary, PCGamesN reported that Diablo Immortal was charging approximately $103 USD for a pack that upgraded the Blessing of the Worthy legendary gem to rank four.

The Reddit post was full of upset fans, some admitting they bought the gem with the understanding that damage dealt was based on max health. Overall, many found it insufficient that the team only fixed the text issue without offering any compensation, as the typo made players think what they were paying for was better than it really was. Some users try to request refunds through their respective app stores, while one user even claimed that it was an illegal “bait and switch” sale, and that they planned to take it to small claims court in Canada.

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