Diablo 5 release could be much closer than we expected


    Diablo 4 has been a long time coming, and judging by its main campaign alone, many are feeling like the wait has been worth it.

    The gameplay of the latest Diablo is the best that the series has ever been, and though there are some complaints about how seasonal content works in the title, it’s still going strong. Thankfully, it looks like we won’t have to wait as long as last time for a brand-new title.

    We may not be waiting long for Diablo V

    The monstrous wait between the launches of Diablo III and Diablo 4 could the last big wait that we have to endure between the series’ games.

    IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey recently took to Twitter to discuss his Diablo 4 experience, announcing that he’d made it to level 51 by the end of the campaign. He also said it’s his favourite campaign in the series so far.

    In response to this, Game Director Mike Ybarra responded with happiness, and even revealed that the long waits for the series could yet be a thing of the past. “Going forward, you won’t have to wait so long between titles,” says Ybarra. “We have a lot more coming to Diablo 4 and beyond!

    This is pretty great news, which is probably dictated by the fact that Diablo 4 has been the most popular game in the series by a pretty wide margin. We’ll be glad to get Diablo V sooner rather than later, so this is good news indeed.

    When could Diablo V come out?

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    Even though we’ve been assured that the long waits between Diablo games are to be a thing of the past, we still wouldn’t expect a full mainline title any time soon, especially after the immediate success of Diablo 4.

    Maybe we could be in for another spin-off in the same vein as Diablo Immortal instead – but even so, we’d take that over nothing at all. Diablo is on top of the world right now. Frankly, its team can do whatever it wants, and we’ll be there on day one.


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