Devs confirm a fan-favourite Apex Legends event will never return


    Over the many seasons of action, Apex Legends has trialled and tested a range of LTMs, many with a mixed bag of success.

    But none of the LTMs has ever gone as in-depth into the lore and characteristics of the legends than Broken Ghost. To this day, players have hoped for more of this kind of action.

    However, it’s time to give up hope. Respawn Entertainment has now confirmed Broken Ghost will never come back, and neither will anything similar.

    Respawn confirm Broken Ghost LTM will never come back to Apex Legends


    In an AMA on Reddit ahead of Apex Legends Season 18, Respawn Entertainment confirmed quite a number of things that fans of the series have been asking for a while, such as which animal the legends like (Crypto likes cats).

    But one important thing that the developer team did add was that nothing like Broken Ghost will ever happen again in Apex Legends.

    The Broken Ghost event was hugely popular way back in Season 5, where players would scout around the maps to find nine pieces of an artefact that unlocked deeper lore about the game.

    But Respawn’s Lead Writer “Ashley” claimed that Broken Ghost was “beyond what we’ll do within Apex going forward.”

    Apex Legends devs reveal why LTMs will never reach the lore of Broken Ghost

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    The original Broken Ghost LTM was spurred on by the arrival of Revenant, and now the current Kill Code lore endeavours have seen Revenant become reborn. But in terms of the LTM itself, Ashley claimed they won’t ever see something like that again, but rather more storytelling in different ways.

    Something of the style and scale of Broken Ghost is still beyond what we’ll do within Apex going forward,” Ashley said on Reddit.

    But! We learned a lot from that experience, and that helped us develop other methods of storytelling that work better for our game. You can keep an eye out for more of those coming this year and in the future” they continued.

    The developers also hinted at further storytelling could see characters die in the future, with Game Designer “David” saying that no-one has died “yet.” Maybe the next Kill Code-esque journey could see a character perish…


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