Devil May Cry: Battle’s six-month anniversary celebration begins soon.

    • Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat will see its six month anniversary very soon.
    • This limited time event will bring back all previously available characters.
    • There are also free draws and gems for players who participate in the festivities.

    Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, the mobile spin-off of the hit character action series, is set to celebrate the six-month anniversary of its worldwide release. And if you’re a DMC fan but have avoided Peak of Combat until now, it might be time for you to take a second look.

    And that’s because this anniversary event doesn’t just include ten draw login rewards, but also the return of every limited-time character for the duration of the event. Naturally, participating in events will also earn you a few more things, like 100,000 gems to spend.

    Pack of Combat follows the same genre conventions of the mainline DMC series, with hack-and-slash action that scores players based on the complexity and brilliance of their combos. It also boasts a large cast drawn from various entries in the series, such as Dante, Nero and fan-favorite Virgil in all their various iterations.

    Sexy and stylish or just okay?

    Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat was previously a Chinese exclusive game, and like Street Fighter: Duel it has received mixed reviews from fans. While many appreciate the inclusion of so many different characters and weapons from the series’ history, others point to many common mobile game conventions that they feel are a drag on what would otherwise be smartphones. So the series is pretty faithful entertainment.

    In any case, with this latest event coming up on July 11, you’ll have a chance to grab some previously limited characters and some free prizes. So maybe now is the time to give it a chance?

    But if that’s not enough to convince you, then why not take a look at our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to see what else catches your eye? Better yet you can always check out some of our guides for Devil May Cry: Peak of War to see if it might be for you.


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