Developers are reportedly struggling with Xbox Series S


    Developers are reportedly struggling with the requirement to release games for xbox s series as well as the X Series.

    As reported by VGC, the claim has been made by Visual FX artist Ian Maclure. The developer previously worked on ‘I am fish‘ that was released for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

    Is the smaller console holding back its big brother?

    It may sound broken, but the reason you’re hearing it a lot right now is because A LOT of developers have been sitting in meetings for the last year desperately trying to get rid of the Series S launch requirements,Maclure said.

    He continued: “Studios have been through a development cycle where the Series S proved to be a drag on production, and now that games are being developed firmly with new consoles in mind, teams don’t want to repeat the process.

    However, since Maclure made that tweet, it was removed and his Twitter account has been blocked with only approved followers being able to see your tweets.

    Also, in response to Maclure’s claim, video game journalist Jeff Gerstmann made some very valid points in stating that the Series S isn’t holding developers back.

    The whole “Series S is holding back next-gen gaming” argument seems really broken to me,Gerstmann tweeted.

    Most of these games are also coming to PC and already have a wide variety of settings to cover. Like, go check out the Steam Hardware Survey sometime. Many old things with significant percentages.

    The Xbox Series S is a cheaper alternative

    Of course, the Xbox Series S is less powerful than the Series X. However, Microsoft’s next-gen entry console is still more than capable of handling some technically demanding games.

    Not to mention, the smaller console is a fraction of the price of its big brother. Although, it is a somewhat watered down version of its Series X counterpart.

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