Destiny The Exotic Collection Volume 1 Is A Visual Treat


If you are familiar with the world of Destiny, then you know that every iconic weapon has a story attached to it. It’s one of the ways Bungie’s space opera action MMO has helped players feel like they’re part of the world. It’s also where the art team creates some truly unique weapon skins. And if you want to really appreciate those weapons, their tradition and their art, then Destiny The Exotic Collection Volume 1 could be something to investigate.

The first thing that impressed me Destiny The Exotic Collection Volume 1 It is how well everything is arranged. fate 2 it’s been around since 2017, and a lot has changed in five years. The book illustrates this by having all the weapon entries separated into chapters based on different eras in the game. It all starts with The Red War, fate 2 original start campaign, and ends in Season of the Lost. Each chapter even begins with a brief summary of the events of that part of the story along with the illustrations used to promote each season. Basically every exotic weapon in the game until the 2022 release the witch queen the expansion is in the 180 pages of this book.

As for the illustrations found within the book, they are of very high quality. These are not paper-printed game assets, but highly detailed illustrations of each weapon. You can see the flames in every section of the Borealis, feel the texture of the Rat King’s hilt, get a better look at the Dead Man’s Tale’s wood finish and ammo straps, and appreciate the chaotic electronic monstrosity that is the Lament.

There are even some weapons that actually get multiple pages for themselves. Some of these entries include early weapons like the Mida Multi-Tool and my personal favorite the Merciless. But some of these entries are for the more visually complex weapons, like the Ruinous Efigy, Sunshot, Sleeper Simulant, and One Thousand Voices.

So much Raid Boss meltdown, so much detail.

In other words, if you are an art designer or just love the aesthetics of of destiny weapons, then Destiny The Exotic Collection Volume 1 It is more than worth the asking price.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much else to the book. There are no illustrations of any of the weapon’s ornamentation or earlier versions of the weapon’s concept art. Also, there is no comment from the art team on how they conceptualized each weapon. The only text accompanying each entry is the weapon’s respective history entry. While this is nice for giving a thematic context to something like Cayde-6’s Ace of Spades, it feels like a missed opportunity. This is because each story entry is available to all players in fate 2regardless of whether they actually possess the weapon or not.

But Destiny The Exotic Collection Volume 1 assumes a different role in the context of the current state of fate 2: commemoration and preservation. With the exception of the content of beyond the light Y Shadowkeepthere is no way to earn these weapons in fate 2 as originally intended. Grinding endgame resources with Raids and Dungeons does not count. As such, being able to look at these weapons in such detail is not unlike seeing them in a museum display. For those who were there they know the importance; For those who didn’t, there is a certain mystique.

If you want a greater appreciation of the artistic art that goes into Bungie’s weapons, there’s something to enjoy. Destiny The Exotic Collection Volume 1. The artwork is great, and the format of the book is solid. But if you were hoping for a more behind-the-scenes look at the work that went into these weapons, you’re going to be disappointed.

My Full Games received a review copy of Destiny: The Exotic Collection, Volume One from the publisher.


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