Destiny 2 The Final Shape Pre-Order Bonus Details



    Destiny 2: The Final Shape has been revealed and it releases February 27, 2024. While it’s a lengthy wait for the next expansion, excited fans can get some goodies if they decide to pre-order.

    Destiny 2: The Final Shape pre-order bonus

    While you’re not going to get access to the game right away, pre-ordered The Final Shape will automatically unlock the Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle as well as a Legendary Emblem, Exotic Ghost, and Exotic Emote. It’s not much, but if you’re picking up the expansion no matter what then there’s no reason not to pre-order. You do have to get the Annual Pass as well to get the rifle.

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    The rest of the expansion arrives in February, so this is just something to hold over fans and try out a new Exotic rifle. As for what the rifle does, we only get a description from Bungie.

    “Purpose carved from meaninglessness; the chance generation of the universe crafted into beauty, intentionality,” says the website. “That which served no reason ceased, randomness elided by the sculptor’s art.”

    What do we know about Destiny 2: The Final Shape?

    Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion will be changing the way seasons work by simply removing them. In their place will be Episodes, and they will be the new way Bungie tells the story. Each Episode comes with new story content, a new Exotic mission, Exotic weapon, and armor. The Episodes are split in three acts that release every six weeks. These episodes are titled Echoes, Revenant, and Heresy.

    It’s still too early to tell for certain what the future holds for the Final Shape, but it does promise an end to the War of Light and Darkness. We’ll find out for certain when it drops in 2024.

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