Destiny 2 Shaders with RGB glow – The age of beautiful shaders has passed. It’s the 21st century, so you can add RGB glow on guns! I heard that it even increases your efficiency.


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Destiny 2 Shaders with RGB glow

Oiled Gunmetal

Destiny 2 Shaders with RGB glow

To begin with, let’s look at Oiled Gunmetal. This shader replaces light of a weapon with RGB glow. Colors are changing quickly during that. Going forward, this will become specifically noticeable in comparison to second shader.

Destiny 2 Shaders with RGB glow

Oiled Gunmetal best covers guns from the Nine, but they don’t restrict abilities of this shader. For example, it adds a (small) RGB bulb to Fractethyst shotgun.

If your RGB glow don’t work, set Shadow quality on the lowest and restart the game.

Iridescent Coral

Destiny 2 Shaders with RGB glow

Unlike the previous shader Iridescent Coral works with a larger number of guns. Weapons from Vault of Glass, guns from the NineDeath AdderStochastic VariableThe Forward Path and The Guiding Sight belong to it. However, colors are changing here much slower than in Oiled Gunmetal.

Destiny 2 Shaders with RGB glow

Besides, a color of glow depends on a location. Sometimes it doesn’t change at all.


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Destiny 2 Shaders with RGB glow

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Destiny 2 Shaders with RGB glow

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