Destiny 2 Hierarchy of Needs: Perks and How to Get Them


    If you’re a fan of using the Ticuu’s Divination exotic bow, we’ve got some exciting news for you. With the arrival of the Spire of the Watcher dungeon, a new exotic weapon has appeared and it looks promising. The weapon thrives on precision, with a perk that allows him to build up energy after every precision hit and finishing blow, and then creates a guide ring when that energy is full. With a unique visual design and unprecedented mechanics, this bow can change the meta. Here’s an explanation of those benefits and how to get the Hierarchy of Needs exotic bow.

    Hierarchy of Needs Benefits

    The Hierarchy of Needs exotic bow has two new perks:

    • guide ring – Precision Hits and Precision Final Hits build up energy. Opposing Wards also grant Energy (in Crucible). Once fully charged, firing from the hip creates a guide ring.
    • Apollonian tangent – All arrows fired through a Targeting Ring launch seeking projectiles. These projectiles do more damage based on the distance traveled.

    How to get the Hierarchy of Needs exotic bow in Destiny 2

    Image via Bungie

    To get the Hierarchy of Needs exotic bow, you need to complete the Spire of the Watcher dungeon. However, this loot is not guaranteed and there is only a small chance that you will get the bow. Like the Heartshadow sword in the Duality dungeon, the Hierarchy of Needs is a dungeon-exclusive weapon and cannot be received in any other way. When you have completed all the encounters, you can find out if you got the lucky drop in the last chest in the dungeon.

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    If you’re into the Spire of the Watcher grind to earn the bow, you can try similar weapons in the meantime to get you off the hook. Most of the community compares the Hierarchy of Needs to Ticuu’s Divination exotic bow, so you should give that weapon a try to see if the exotic dungeon is worth fighting for. If you don’t have Ticuu’s Divination, you can try Le Monarque and Trinity Ghoul instead.

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