Deeper and Deeper – Moulvi Solo Play Tips (Playtest)



    Tips for playing a cleric in solo


    • Judgment/Might Perks Undead Slayer > Blunt Mastery > Perseverance > Drunken Master.


    • Decide and hit on every engagement when potential decision works well on bats/dragonflies when you fight vs other melee you can move by deciding to swing while out of range then 2 steps before moving forward Can back off. As such, many people just take the swing and move on.

    Don’t be too quick to let players come to you to fight choke points.


    • +Anything with weapon damage or spell damage judgment scales well with spell damage and +weapon damage on top smite is crazy good.


    • If you’ve mastered combat dancing and can destroy lobbies with early gear, you can also sneak up on judge archers and wait on CD to do it again with about 15 spell power. Yes, you can usually 1 tap Scaly Archers. With Smite Up you can take out a rogue if you rush them.

    Cons of

    • Fighters in heavy gear rangers can be slowed by this but if you force them to chase you you can tap and kill them with 2-3 maces.


    • clear the whole room then break all the boxes/barrels before looting it will save you as you are getting all the noise out faster especially if you are near the second spin the pyramid room is great Bats with 1 taps starting mace similarly cast Judgment 4/5 Rarely will a bat have 1-2 HP left after Judgment.

    Play slowly outwards from the edge of the circles; Don’t worry about looting everything if you hear the players and you’re low on supplies just keep 2-3 things moving around the room.


    • Invoice Pots/Shield Pots should be used during any activity where you have time not to use them, it happens in almost any class.

    Hard parts

    • Teams with multi rangers will be at a disadvantage if they see you so the first best option is to get a mob of ranged kites and close the door with the mob.

    3 Sweaty Men If you see them first, either stay back and wait for them to fight and backdoor or walk away as quietly as possible as the fighter starts but prioritizes their target. Should be Ranger > Rogue > Cleric > All others If the team is spread out attack in close and then pull back so the other 2 come to you.

    something to avoid

    • Wrath, Scaly Captain, Dragonflies (when the decision is on CD).

    Additional thoughts

    • The lack of ranged options means that playing Allot Corner solo I’ve found that spells are less valuable when it comes to PvP decisions/messing.

    If you stick to the small rooms and play the edge of the circle and sink a few times on your first blue port you will quickly start accumulating a ton of wealth even the white grays sell for 4-8g. .

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