Deep Space Nine’s Sisko Is One of Star Trek’s Best Captains


Most Star Trek followers are inclined to say both James T. Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard is their favourite Starfleet captain. But Benjamin Sisko from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine deserves to be within the operating. A flawed however at all times entertaining character, Sisko is among the most compelling characters in all the franchise.

There are loads of arguments that may be made for why Sisko is a superb Star Trek captain. His means to command a various array of characters towards his objective is inspiring. His allure and wit make him a magnetic character to look at. But his greatest character trait is his duality. He is a passionate father and good friend and a horrible enemy to have. Having two equally developed sides is what makes him a memorable protagonist.

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Sisko’s Personal Relationships Are Unique

Sisko is a really sociable and likable man. He maintains robust bonds together with his crewmates till the sequence’ finish, typically inviting them for meals or to play baseball. The folks on his ship usually are not simply coworkers; he’s very fascinated with befriending them. This is a notable distinction from the aloof Picard, who often prefers his personal firm. And regardless of being a widower in the beginning of the present — his spouse Jennifer having been killed in a Borg assault — Sisko is proven transferring on and starting a brand new relationship with Kasidy Yates, whom he marries in Season 7, Episode 18, “Til Death Do Us Part.”

But Sisko’s strongest relationship is his connection together with his son Jake. Unlike different captains in Star Trek, Sisko is a father or mother from the beginning of the sequence. The wholesome father-son relationship is not demonstrated fairly often on tv, however Sisko is an exemplary father — ensuring to spend as a lot time together with his son as doable, at all times affirming to Jake how a lot he loves him and inspiring his son’s ardour for writing.

And Sisko’s means to encourage would not cease at his crew and household. There are different residents aboard Deep Space Nine whom he motivates to raised themselves. The most notable is Nog, who determined to turn into the primary Ferengi to hitch Starfleet. He asks Sisko for a letter of advice to get into Starfleet Academy. Sisko, after testing Nog himself, provides the advice. Sisko’s open-mindedness clears the way in which for extra Ferengi to make their very own paths in life.

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Sisko Is Also a Capable and Dedicated Leader

Just as robust as his coronary heart is Sisko’s anger. His mood is often managed and his outbursts are well-placed, however they could be a terrifying factor to behold. Sisko is a cussed man who is not going to again down when he is aware of he’s proper. He will stand his floor, whether or not dealing with off with superior officers, alien leaders like Kai Winn Adami and even the all-powerful Q. In the latter case, one punch is all it takes to ensure Q by no means went again to Deep Space Nine. Unlike Picard, Sisko just isn’t a pacifist to a fault. He will strike again and is usually a terrifying power when motivated.

During the battle with the Maquis, Sisko was betrayed by a person named Michael Eddington, who turned him over to the opposite facet. This betrayal shook Sisko and he did all the pieces in his energy to seize the traitor. In Season 5, Episode 13, “For The Uniform,” he lastly does so — after firing quantum torpedoes at a Maquis planet and making it unable to maintain life. Throughout the episode Eddington paints Sisko because the villain, so Sisko wins by enjoying the position and forcing Eddington to play the martyr. Eddington has to show himself in to ensure that Sisko wouldn’t use extra torpedoes towards different Maquis planets. That’s not an motion Picard or the spinoff-worthy Captain Kathryn Janeway would take.

Another extra damning instance is through the Dominion War. In Season 6, Episode 19, “In the Pale Moonlight,” Sisko enlisted Garrik’s assist in an effort to show the Romulans towards the Dominion. This resulted within the loss of life of a Romulan senator and a solid knowledge rod that might drive the Romulans into the conflict towards the Dominion. Though Sisko laments this unethical act, he admits that he can reside with it as a result of it would assist the conflict effort. Sisko affirms that he’ll reside together with his selection by erasing the log to do away with the proof. It’s one of the thought-provoking moments in Star Trek historical past.

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Despite these two acts arguably being conflict crimes, each of them are executed within the identify of holding the Federation secure and steady. And in each situations, Sisko comes to appreciate how shut he got here to the sting. But not like any of his fellow captains, Sisko is prepared to stroll the road between principled captain and ruthless commander if it means engaging in his mission and defending the issues he holds expensive. It may make him much less approachable than Kirk and he is definitely much less righteous than Picard, however he is not going to enable one thing just like the loss of life of his spouse to occur once more.

Whenever Sisko is on-screen, one by no means is aware of how he’ll act. He could possibly be one of many friendliest and nicest commanders in Starfleet, or he could possibly be one of many hardest and most ruthless captains within the Alpha Quadrant. It’s this duality of character that makes Benjamin Sisko one of the compelling captains in Star Trek. He deserves to be within the dialog for the franchise’s greatest captain, as an alternative of being at all times ignored like a few of his lesser-known friends.

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