Deep Space Nine’s Missing Changelings?


The core of Star Trek is the exploration of outer house by Starfleet on behalf of the Federation, one thing that earned the Federation loads of buddies and lots of enemies. One of their best enemies had been the Changelings, who despatched out 100 of their younger to discover the galaxy centuries earlier. But what occurred to the overwhelming majority of them was by no means resolved by the tip of the collection, leaving an enormous thriller for followers.

A science-fiction collection is simply nearly as good as its villains, which is especially true of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The present did not discover its voice till the Dominion made its debut in Season 2, Episode 26. What was basically the anti-Federation would go on to outline the following 5 seasons of the present by what can be often known as the Dominion War. And it was the Changelings, the leaders of the Dominion, who would drive that narrative ahead.

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Who Were the Changelings?

While their evolutionary course of was by no means mentioned, the outcomes had been no much less spectacular. The Changelings had been a species whose pure kind was a liquid or, to be extra exact, a goo. They might take any kind and impersonate anybody. That included changing into fog and even vitality itself, no matter it took to harass Quark. The skills of the Changelings had been spectacular, to say the least, however that got here with issues.

According to the Changelings, they spent a number of millennia being persecuted by Solids, aka humanoid life kinds who cannot shape-shift. To defend themselves, the Changelings based the Dominion and took over a big share of the Gamma Quadrant with the brute power of the Jem’Hadar. But in addition they made their very own overtures of exploration by sending 100 younger Changelings into house to find out about different cultures. That included Odo, who was raised by Bajorans and have become Deep Space Nine’s Security Chief.

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What Happened to the Other Explorer Changelings?

In addition to Odo, solely two of the opposite 100 explorer changelings had been accounted for. In Season 5, Episode 12, Odo regained his shape-shifting skills by absorbing a dying Changeling who was seemingly one of many 100. Then in Season 7, Episode 14, Laas, a Changeling who had been residing amongst Solids, arrived on the station and taught Odo about his potential as a shape-shifter. But past them, no different members of the 100 have been accounted for.

Each toddler Changeling was imprinted with the overwhelming want to return house as soon as they reached maturity. But that wasn’t alleged to occur till roughly the late twenty seventh Century, which means their mission nonetheless had roughly three centuries to go. Odo returned to the Great Link tons of of years sooner than he was anticipated. As such, the remaining 97 toddler Changelings are probably nonetheless unfold throughout the galaxy. And like Odo and Laas earlier than them, they do not know that there are extra of their type on the market.

Odo’s work with the Bajorans and the Federation in the end led to a truce between the foremost powers of the Alpha Quadrant and the Dominion. In actuality, his mission was extra profitable than any of his Changeling brethren ever might have dreamed. Still, it is arduous to not marvel what affect the remaining 97 Changelings might have on Star Trek, significantly since Discovery is now set centuries after they had been scheduled to return house.

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