Deep Rock Galactic Mineral Trading Guide

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By changing your computer’s date, you are able to select predetermined Mineral Trade deals for your own convenience/profit.

Start off with opening the date & time settings and turn off the “Set time automatically” option so you’ll be able to change it manually.

Deep Rock Galactic Mineral Trading Guide

Now you can use one of the dates I listed below that I gathered from the last 4 months of the year, which are the most cost-effective.

Magnite deals

November 18th 2021 – sell 288% profit

November 17th 2021 – buy 68% savings

Bismor deals

August 25th 2021 – sell 290% profit

November 27th 2021 – buy 67% savings

Umanite deals

December 12th 2021 – sell 300% profit

September 10th 2021 – buy 63% savings

Croppa deals

October 8th 2021 – sell 299% profit

November 4th 2021 – buy 67% savings

Enor Pearl deals

December 10th 2021 – sell 294% profit

September 12th 2021 – buy 66% savings

Jadiz deals

October 29th 2021 – sell 272% profit

August 28th 2021 – buy 69% savings

You can now launch drg and thank me for wasting my time for this guide. Make sure you sync your time back once you’re done, since changing the date & time consequently changes the current missions.

Rock and stone.

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