Deep Rock Galactic Mercy Scout Guide

The Scout is a class often misunderstood by players. In this guide, I’ll tell about the way Scout himself thinks you should play: “Keep them ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off me, I’ll keep the team alive!”

Guardian Angel

If you ever played Overwatch or heard of, you know one of it’s hero: Mercy. The way I think you should play Scout is quite similiar to Mercy’s job. Except for the healing, we should try supporting our team by increasing their damage, giving their sustain (by gathering nitra) and, the most important, REVIVING FALLEN DWARVES. You can think of Scout’s Grappling Hook as Mercy’s Guardian Angel. You angelically flight towards your fallen brother and revives him.

Apart from that, we all know that sometimes Mercy has to pick her pistol and, in our case, we sometimes pick our M1000 to kill priority targets our teammates can’t deal as effectively as us. Menaces, Spitters, Wardens, Spitballers, Leeches, Macteras, with the M1000 we can make short work of them or, at least, make sure they stand still for a while so our fellow dwarves can focus fire it. Our ammo consumption should be the lowest of the team (apart from the flare gun). You’re supposed to be the backbone of the team, making sure they keep alive to do what you cannot: TONS of DAMAGE and WAVE CLEARING.

The Loadout

As I mentioned, our primary focus will be using the M1000. Our other choices are going to be based on helping your teammates land their shots on those pesky bugs.


My guide was written with this mindset:

Originally posted by u/ShroudedInLight:

I create all my builds based around Hazard 5 and Elite Deep Dives with four players, one of each class. Building for the highest difficulty ensures that my suggestions for fellow dwarves will work regardless of the difficulty they attempt. Building for team play ensures that I don’t accidentally friendly fire my entire team when they spawn in mid mission.

Also, using HEKILLZALOT definition on types of loadout, this guide fits the general purpose. You should consider different approach when facing Elimination Missions or Critical Weakness Anomalie.


Active Stability System: B,C,A,B,A

Deep Rock Galactic Mercy Scout Guide

For OC, we’re going with the gud ol’ ASS (Active Stability System). It makes us focus faster and allow us to kill our targets and Kite while your team kills everything on the ground. We want to achieve the highest damage per shot possible, so T1-T4 are no brainers. In T5, we are going with STUN to stop bugs that you missed the breakpoint or that should be focused by the team (Menace before it hides, jiggling Warden’s butt, etc…).

Proper M1000 in-depth here. There you can learn what breakpoints we’re aiming for and why I choosed armor penetration mod.

Deep Rock Galactic Mercy Scout Guide


Stuffed Shells: B,A,A,A,C

Deep Rock Galactic Mercy Scout Guide

For OC, we’re going with Stuffed Shells (any Clean OC will do, people really seem to enjoy playing with Special Powder). Stuffed Shells allows us to get +1 pellet, increasing the chance of stun on multiple targets (although it’s already pretty high). Our goal here with Boomstick is the 6 seconds stun on up to 4 BUGS per shot.

We don’t need more ammo; Double Trigger increases handling and combo with Fire Mod; Fire Mod combos with Cryo Nade.

Deep Rock Galactic Mercy Scout Guide


Deep Rock Galactic Mercy Scout Guide


Personal Choice, but I strongly recommend better AOE, Scout really suffers against jellies and swarmers.

Deep Rock Galactic Mercy Scout Guide

Flare Gun

Choose either TWO ammo mods or ONE ammo and ONE duration, as both choices render the same time efficiency (I prefer the flexibility of more ammo). Rate of Fire on T2 and Auto Reload on T3 are super meh.

Deep Rock Galactic Mercy Scout Guide

Grapling Hook

Super personal, find the range and cooldown you feel comfortable playing with. some say 30 meters and 3 seconds is the sweet spot

Deep Rock Galactic Mercy Scout Guide

Cryo Grenade

The best “Oh No” Button you can have. Really handy against a pack of Mactera, if you can hit it, or when you feel your team is going to get really overwhelmed.




For his/her Killer Loadouts that lead me to make builds that suit my playstyle.


For making the posts on Discussion Threads for U34 that showed me The Way

Ensy and Frisbee

For the Plataform Engineer Guide that served to inspire me on this guide formatting.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Deep Rock Galactic Mercy Scout Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Lammbys. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.