Death's Gambit: Afterlife - Finding The SUPER Secret Boss Xyarlohatp

The boss of your biggest nightmares.

The Guide

Before I go into details, If you want to check the fight out and where to initiate the fight:

This boss originally was inaccessible in the game until the community managed to solve 3 riddles and post their answers on a certain Twitter account.

On top of it, it required to gather a special craftable egg and 5 hidden fragments in the game by solving another galaxy brain riddle, and then looking for completely invisible enemies in the overworld that drop them.

Here’s a map with the fragments and egg ingredients (otherworldly flesh) locations:

Use the tome you get from the console to kill the invisible enemies, collect their fragment, and follow this guide on how to craft the egg:

go to the location at the beginning of the first video above to start the fight.

Big credits to Damajen for taking his time to make this very detailed map:

Check out his channel too:

That’s about it.

Have fun!

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