DEATHLOOP 7-Loop Runthrough

Guide on how to escape in only 7 loops (or 4 if you don’t count the Prologue).

Video Guide

This is my runthrough of Deathloop. I decided to try and break the loop as efficiently as possible and I broke it on Loop 7! The first one is fully scripted, and Loop 2 and 3 have pretedermined destinations, so you are only fully free to explore from Loop 4 onward.

Just a disclaimer, this is NOT a speedrun – I take my time, sneak around, have fun and have some more fun and have some fun in the process… Below is a full breakdown of my approach. Enjoy!


Loop 1 starts at 0:00 in the video and is fully scripted, so have fun!


LOOP 2 starts at 8:00 in the video and is partially scripted.

1. Updaam – Morning

  • Reveal the RAK door
  • Visit Colt’s flat
  • Prevent the fire to Otto’s

2. The Complex – Noon

  • Visit the Loop Control Center and watch the explanation

3. Fristad Rock – Afternoon

  • Get info on the LPP from the AEON Program’s Security Office
  • Reveal the code for Charlie’s safe in Karl’s Bay at the bunker

4. Updaam – Evening

  • Check Colt’s safe at his flat
  • Visit Otto’s to find the code to access the fireworks
  • Get Aleksis’ safe code from his room


Loop 3 starts at 34:00 in the video and is partially scripted.

1. Updaam – Morning

  • Visit Colt’s flat and check the safe

2. The Complex – Afternoon

  • Kill all Wenjies and complete the experiment


Loop 4 starts at 52:00 in the video and this is the point from which you can collect the rest of the clues in any order.

1. Karl’s Bay – Morning

  • Open Charlie’s safe and find clues on the cipher

2. Fristad Rock – Noon

  • Reveal the symbols for Fia’s cipher

3. Updaam – Afternoon

  • Visit the archivist’s office
  • Retrieve the code for the power stations’ controls from RAK

4. The Complex – Evening

  • Get the password to Egor’s hidden device from his notes
  • (Optional) Pick up the silenced LIMP-10


Loop 5 starts at 1:15:30 in the video.

1. The Complex – Morning

  • Power up Updaam and Karl’s Bay’s power stations

2. Updaam – Noon

  • Visit the Yasen Station
  • Kill Charlie and take his Slab (this may be optional but Shift is very useful later on, so I never tried to skip it)

3. The Complex – Afternoon

  • Get clues for Wenjie’s wish from her room

4. Karl’s Bay – Evening

  • Visit the Akkar Station


Loop 6 starts at 1:42:30 in the video.

1. The Complex – Morning

  • Power up The Complex and Fristad Rock’s power stations
  • Visit the HZN Station

2. Updaam – Noon

  • Take the Aleksis statuette from the safe to 2-BIT
  • Instruct 2-BIT to play the recording to “Give Wenjie what she wants”

3. Fristad Rock – Afternoon

  • Visit the Sova Station


Loop 7 – the final loop starts at 2:01:40 in the video.

1. Karl’s Bay – Morning

  • Sabotage Frank’s fireworks (rain flaps)
  • Prevent fire at Otto’s workshop
  • Kill Harriet

2. The Complex – Noon

  • Ruin Egor’s experiment

3. Fristad Rock – Afternoon

  • Enter the bunker and flood it to kill Charlie and Fia

4. Updaam – Evening

  • Crash the party and kill Wenjie, Egor and Aleksis
  • Go to RAK and launch away from Updaam

5. Somewhere – Sometime

  • Pick the ending of your choice!

That’s it! Have you found a faster way to break the loop? Please share below if you have so I can try it out.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love DEATHLOOP 7-Loop Runthrough that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank nekov4ego. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.